New Middle Grade Book Series Features an Epileptic Child

There is a new middle grade series that features an epileptic child. The Woes of a Ginger Named Red Series be found online at Barnes&Noble and more!

Online PR News – 10-July-2021 – Arnold, MO – There is a new book series, featuring a child with epilepsy.
The Woes of a Ginger Named Red series for middle grade readers, ages 8-12.
Consists of 3 books so far (book 4 is coming soon!):
Book 1: The Big Move
Book 2: Treasures in the Attic
Book 3: New Home Holidays

Ginger is an 8-year-old who suffers from epilepsy. She has overcome a ton of challenging situations in her short life and is faced with new challenges daily. In addition to life's challenges, she is also faced with physical challenges that the other kids don't always quite understand. Ginger has seizures sometimes. She is also on medication that can make her feel weird. In addition to feeling weird, her medicine has stunted her growth considerably, making her much smaller than all the other children in her class. Also, her top 4 teeth haven't grown in yet due to more side effects caused by her medication.

Andrea Witt grew up in the 70's and 80's when bullying was considered normal. She has epilepsy and all of Ginger's struggles were actually her own personal struggles.
Andrea was told she wouldn't reach 5' tall. she is now 5'2". Her mom was told she would have brain damage after she suffered a 40-minute seizure at the age of 5. She has no brain damage. Most of her life, people doubted her or thought she was incapable of the same things other people were. She grew up, made her family, had 2 kids, and earned a BS in Business/Management and an MA in Media Communications. Witt stated, "I learned that people will try to put limits on my abilities, but I am ultimately in charge of breaking their imaginary limits."

More than 470,000 children suffer from a seizure disorder. These kids are definitely not represented enough!
This fiction book series gives children (with and without a seizure disorder) a character to which they can relate.
Ginger plows through life and shows the reader that a person with a lingering disability also consists of many capabilities.
Diversity is not only related to ethnicity and gender, but includes all differences that make an individual unique.

Witt created Ginger to give other children who may feel limited and incapable, hope and strength. Ginger is a strong little girl and a great role-model for other children, with and without a medical disorder. These stories are a blend of fiction and reality and names have been changed, but all her struggles were really Andrea'a..

The children's book industry is being taken over and innocent books are becoming a thing of the past.
Confusing topics like sexual situations, and politically based agenda are drowning the shelves of what used to be an innocent place.
If you read agent wish lists, you will see topics for children's books that should never ever be in children's books. They reject wholesome submissions.

Andrea Witt's mission as an author is to flood the children's book industry with fun, innocent, classic, kid-friendly books and to bring smiles to her young readers.

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Please help Andrea inform all those children out there who may be struggling with emotional, physical, or mental problems, that there is a series of books made just for them and Ginger would love a chance to help them!

The Woes of a Ginger Named Red Series is available online at:
Barnes & Noble
Powell's Books
Books a Million
and many other retailers.