SaaS Industry launches SaaS for Greater Good initiative to bring founders aboard a single platform

SaaS is transforming the world, but many businesses are yet to benefit. This initiative would bridge this gap by onboarding brilliant minds for volunteering

Online PR News – 10-July-2021 – Chennai, Tamil Nadu – SaaS Industry, a digital native media outlet for anything SaaS in the new global economy, has launched SaaS for Greater Good, an online volunteering community for SaaS founders, leaders and professionals looking to create an impact.

Volunteering and contributing to a like-minded community is one of the best ways to make a difference in the field. Nine out of ten SaaS founders, leaders and professionals who aspire to better their community and domain they are in, are unable to do anything beyond their careers due to lack of time and opportunity.

SaaS businesses and products are transforming the world. However, many companies and businesses are yet to experience and reap the benefits of this transformation. SaaS Industry believes that the adoption rate could delve deep into areas like B2C, not-for-profit
ts, education and much more. SaaS for Greater Good would bridge this gap by collectively bringing great minds aboard its one-stop volunteering platform.

Joseph Abraham, founder, executive editor and president of SaaS Industry, said,

"I’m excited about SaaS for Greater Good because it encapsulates our mission to empower billions of people who can be impacted by B2B and B2C SaaS. This initiative will help us make this mission a reality by creating a very strong high-affinity community that lives, breathes and furthers this mission worldwide."

Commenting on the launch, Karishma Raja, co-founder and CEO of SaaS Industry, said that SaaS had penetrated all spheres of businesses today. The program is built to nurture talent and provide SaaS leaders and professionals an opportunity to develop and hone their skills beyond what they do as professionals, she stated.

“The idea is to build an experience and knowledge hub for everyone to contribute and learn. For those people out there who want to do something beyond their careers and make a difference, we at SaaS Industry value this and want everyone to utilize this for the greater good, ” Karishma added.

Each contribution has its significance. SaaS for Greater Good offers nineteen different areas, ranging from mentors to curators, designers to developers, where members can effectively contribute towards making a difference. Alongside working for a change, the community members would acquire free access to other benefits. They include

Premium, hosted events

Community members would get to attend and host summits, roundtables, forums and festivals for SaaS founders, leaders and professionals.

Exclusive monthly events

Events would be held just for the community members to help them interact, connect, and effectively learn from one another. This falls in line with the broader motto of the community.

Annual festivals and trips

Events and interactive sessions asunder, community members would also get the opportunity to go camping, attend fun events, go on trips and build healthy connections with one another.

Goodies and beyond

Goodies are not merely a token of appreciation. They make one feel important. SaaS for Greater Good values its members’ contribution. The sweet goodies we have for them express more than a token of thanks.

For registrations and sign-ups for the program, click the link here.

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