Japan Commodity Exploration updates on testing of Rare Earth Elements

Japan Commodity Exploration is pleased to report results of its ongoing testing for the separation of rare earth elements of Samarium and Gadolinium.

Online PR News – 10-July-2021 – CHUO-KU/TOKYO – Japan Commodity Exploration’s testing was conducted on beneficiated material sourced near the Minamitori Islands using a metallurgical process.

Individual carbonate salts of Samarium and Gadolinium were produced a molecular circuit where full load, wash and elution cycles were performed using a small volume of eluent acid.

Japan Commodity Exploration’s Chief Geological Officer, Mr. Bruce MacDonald commented on the separation process saying “We are very pleased with the continued progress being made by our scientists with regards to the rare earth separation process and we extremely looking forward to completing all tests of this promising nano technology.”

“So far, we have pilot scale testing planned to confirm the successful laboratory results. The tests will determine purity and if they contain any other rare earth elements and then the separation process will begin. The shores off the Minamitori Islands are proving very rich in rare earth minerals and we hope to extract many more minerals in the near future,” added Bruce MacDonald, Chief Geological Officer of Japan Commodity Exploration.

About Us - Japan Commodity Exploration

Since Japan Commodity Exploration began operations, we have become a prominent regional resource-exploration company, focusing on rare earth metals which are in increasing demand and are essential to a wide range of products.

We continually explore new terrains, both land and sea, to identify areas with large amounts of resources which can deliver long-term supplies to various industries and manufacturing firms. It is our principal intention to generate new ventures through partnerships, seeking opportunities comprising of joint agreements for joint profit.

We believe that we are well positioned to take advantage of the increasing demand for products that require certain earth elements. Headquartered in Tokyo, we are geographically located close to rich deposits of rare earth metals.

Japan Commodity Exploration’s primary focus is on the exploration and development of the area around the Ogasawara Islands. Recently, it was found that the seabed in this location off of Japan contains millions of tons of rare earth elements and yttrium. We at Japan Commodity Exploration are poised to capitalize on these findings and significantly increase our industry presence and market share.

With our advanced technology, expert operators, effective management and efficient operations, Japan Commodity Exploration will be leading the Asian metals supply network by delivering long-term, cost-effective supplies to industries and reducing the reliance of Asian companies on those in other regions.