Easysoft Legal Software Announces New Family Law Software for Massachusetts Attorneys

Easysoft Family - Massachusetts is the latest software release from Easysoft Legal Software, a long-time provider of software to the legal community.

Online PR News – 08-July-2021 – Jersey City, NJ – New web-based software for Massachusetts family law and divorce attorneys was released by Easysoft Legal Software, that will change the way attorneys and their staff process the complex calculations associated with divorce cases.

Easysoft Family - Massachusetts is the latest software release from Easysoft Legal Software, a long-time provider of software to the legal community. With this web-based, easy-to-use software, attorneys and their staff can work anywhere, save time, and produce error-free documents.

The software includes all the essential elements attorneys need for a divorce case and features centralized data entry screens that populate information across all forms (for plaintiff and defendant), attorneys and their staff save time, and can trust that their numbers are correct, and that the numbers have calculated accurately throughout the process. Practicing family law means accuracy, reliability, and compliance to ‘get’ the numbers right, that’s why Easysoft Family – Massachusetts will be an important game changer in the family law legal space.

Trusted Family Law Software for Massachusetts Legal Professionals

Every state has its own forms and requirements, and Massachusetts family law practitioners know that the long and short financial statements (Form 301/Rule 401) are at the core of any divorce matter. Easysoft Family- Massachusetts features fully integrated long and short financial statements (Form 301 / Rule 401), found directly in the software, so attorneys and their staff can quickly and easily prepare these necessary documents, required by the state for all family law cases.

It’s easy to get started, just enter the data on the data entry screen, and continue through the forms entering the financial information. When it comes time to print, the software will pick the long or short Financial Statement form based on the party’s income.

Child Support Worksheets, the Core of any Divorce Case

When it comes to sorting out child support, Easysoft Family – Massachusetts has the most comprehensive solution for attorneys and their staff. The software allows attorneys to prepare multiple child support worksheets, run worksheet comparisons and experiment with multiple scenarios, all within the same file. Plus, the software includes a full list of auto-populating Probate and Family Court Forms that makes it a ‘once-and-done’ data entry process, saving you and your firm time, making cases faster and easier to move forward and giving clients an overall picture in a timelier manner.

Attorney, Jacqueline M. Grasso, Esq., says “Easysoft Family Law Software is user-friendly, easy to use and invaluable to my practice.”

Easysoft Family – Massachusetts Legal Software features a full list of important Probate and Family Court Forms, including:

CJ-D-101 Complaint for Divorce

CJ-D-101A Joint Petition for Divorce GL 208 1A

CJ-D-101B Complaint for Divorce GL 208 1B

CJ-D-102 Complaint for Separate Support

CJ-D-104 Complaint for Modification

CJ-D-107 Complaint for Support GL 209 32F

CJ-D-124 Joint Petition / Motion to Change a Judgment or Temporary Order

CJ-D-201 Answer to Complaint for Divorce

CJ-D-202 Counterclaim for Divorce Action

CJ-D-305 Child Support and Post-Secondary Education

CJ-D-311 Agreement (to modify a judgment or temporary order)

CJ-D-446 Judgment or Temporary order on petition / motion to change

R-408 Report of Absolute Divorce or Annulment

AIB Affidavit of Irretrievable Breakdown

OCAJ-1 Care and Custody

TC001 Notice of Appearance

TC002 Military Affidavit

Easysoft Legal Software is a well-established, boutique software company founded over 30 years ago to serve the needs of family law and real estate professionals. Easysoft leads the field in affordable, easy-to-use, accessible anywhere software, ideal for solo and small firm attorneys, paralegals, mediators, and legal professionals.

If you would like more information about Easysoft Legal Software, or would like to see the product and want to schedule a personal demonstration, please contact Mark Afonso, Product Consultant at 1-800-905-7638 extension 1, or email mark-afonso@easysoft-usa.com or click here to schedule your demonstration around your schedule https://calendly.com/mark-afonso/easysoft-legal-software-demo