Easysoft Family- New Jersey, Announces Release of Quick Financial Calculators for New Jersey Family

Family law attorneys, paralegals and other staff often feel like accountants with the endless amounts of calculations involved in matrimonial cases.

Online PR News – 08-July-2021 – Jersey City, NJ – Easysoft family law software, a leader in specialized software for New Jersey family law attorneys and their staff released a new update to their work anywhere software today, now giving legal practitioners the ability to quickly estimate and calculate important payments and values associated with divorce cases.

These new quick financial calculators are designed to help attorneys, paralegals and other legal professionals give a quick look at what a divorcing couple might be facing when it comes to alimony and future pension payouts. In divorce settlements, negotiations are expected as part of the process and often trade-offs are discussed. These can include multiple payments over a period vs. a single lump sum payment, child support totals, alimony recapture and more.

“Our goal is and has always been to serve the needs of matrimonial attorneys and their staff with practical, reliable and easy-to-use software. The addition of these quick calculators gives our clients the opportunity to see ‘what if’ scenarios and is a direct outcome of client feedback, which we as a company take seriously in our development efforts,” says Mark Afonso, Product Consultant for Easysoft Legal Software.

Now, New Jersey family law attorneys and their staff can use these quick calculators along with their Easysoft family law software to help manage expectations, work though the divorce case and trust that that numbers are correct. Easysoft has a 35-year history of serving the legal community with trusted software that produces error-free calculations that are compliant with New Jersey regulations.

How Quick Calculators Help New Jersey Family Law Practitioners Can Create “What If’ Scenarios:

Child Support Calculator. New Jersey support calculations are complicated and can be tricky, even for seasoned family law attorneys. With the child support calculator, attorneys and their staff can calculate New Jersey child support for a quick view that can help both parties get on same page.

Alimony Buy Out Calculator. Divorce settlements, very often trade-offs are made between multiple payments over a period of time vs. a single lump sum payment. This calculation is often used to compute equivalent present value of a series of taxable (alimony) or non-taxable (child support) payments. Commonly known as "buyout calculations", this can help attorneys and their staff estimate the amount to propose in negotiations.

Alimony Recapture Calculator. This calculator is useful for situations where if, over time, alimony payments decline too quickly (for example over the first three years), alimony recapture might be required. There are exceptions to which Alimony Recapture is not required, but these situations are best reviewed by the family law firm handling the case. This calculator can serve as a quick way to estimate any adjustments that may be needed.

Pension Value Calculator. Estimating the current value of future pension payouts is useful in looking at cost of living adjustments, pre and post retirement interest rates and more. This quick calculator gives family law attorneys and their staff a valuable tool in helping quickly compute estimated pension values.

How Specialized Software Helps Solve Complex Calculations and Reduces Errors

Family law attorneys, paralegals and other staff often feel like accountants with the endless amounts of calculations involved in matrimonial cases. This time-consuming and often challenging aspect of practicing family law can lead to stress, error-ridden estimates in the Case Information Statement and worse, setting the wrong expectations during negotiations. Now, Easysoft offers proven, auto-calculating software is widely used by thousands of New Jersey family law attorneys and their staff to produce accurate documents for their clients. From child support worksheet calculations to monthly historical expenditure analysis and more, auto-calculating software makes it easy for New Jersey family law practitioners to stay compliant and error-free in their work.

“I started practicing & used a spreadsheet in place of the CIS. Easysoft is easy and calculates child support and other figures quickly and accurately. I highly recommend Easysoft for New Jersey family law,” says Gabrielle Strich, Strich Law Firm PC

In addition to the trusted calculations, Easysoft helps reduce the ongoing repetitiveness of data entry as the once and done software makes it easy to collect data, populate it across documents and even share the CIS with clients, so they can complete their portion and quickly, securely, and easily return their completed CIS to the attorney for processing.

Easysoft is compliant, reliable, and trusted software that was founded in 1986 to serve the needs of family law and real estate attorneys and their staff. Easysoft Legal Software is a subsidiary of Leap Legal Software.

If you would like more information about Easysoft Legal Software, or would like to see the product and want to schedule a personal demonstration, please contact Mark Afonso, Product Consultant at 1-800-905-7638 extension 1, or email mark-afonso@easysoft-usa.com or click here to schedule your demonstration around your schedule https://calendly.com/mark-afonso/easysoft-legal-software-demo