Best Off Road Offers Interest Free Storage Drawer Systems

One can now apply for interest free instalment plans that lower the upfront cost of purchasing a storage drawer system.

Online PR News – 07-July-2021 – Dandenong, Australia – Both tradies and camping enthusiasts alike will be happy to learn that Best Off Road has new offers for ute, van and 4wd storage drawer systems. Customers can now apply for interest free instalment plans that lower the upfront cost of purchasing a storage drawer system.

Best Off Road, one of Australia’s long-time leading sources for vehicle storage systems, has other discounts available on their products as well. Depending on when a customer shops, they may find a discount of several hundred dollars on their most popular drawer systems. Such a discount, along with financing possibilities, make ute drawer systems an appealing investment.

Investing in Ute Drawers

If someone works in a trade or takes regular camping trips, they can benefit from the increased storage space ute drawer systems offer. Investing in these systems allows them to safely store a lot of items at the back of their vehicle. Not only can they fit more items if they have a custom ute drawer system, but they can keep all those belongings safe. No more worrying about a specific machine or tool developing rust or water damage.

Best Off Road sells single drawer units for vehicle owners with have larger items that they need to store. These drawers have a 150 kg weight capacity. Customers can also choose from other drawer systems, including ones that have two drawer roller bearing units. There are also systems such as three drawer units and slides.

Browsing the company’s website will help a customer understand what type of ute or 4wd drawer system is best for their use case. Measuring the car where the drawers will go is a good idea, as that ensures a customer makes the most appropriate purchase.

Best Off Road is a family owned and operated business that sells drawer systems for utes, vans and 4wd vehicles. The company has more than a decade of experience in filling custom orders for its clients in Melbourne, other parts of Victoria and the rest of the country.

One of the reasons why Best Off Road has such an admirable reputation is because of their commitment to quality. These ute accessories are made at their Melbourne facility using the highest quality parts and workmanship. The company offers a long term warranty on all ute drawer systems, ensuring that customers are investing their money in a product that will give them long term use.