Brock Holdings’ Analysts say Commodities sector stable during ongoing pandemic

Brock Holdings today announced that they will continue to invest in commodities for the foreseeable future despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Online PR News – 07-July-2021 – CHEUNG SHA WAN – Brock Holdings will now continue to focus on asset classes of precious metals and minerals and has established a special commodities group last year which manages its trading department.

Brock Holdings’ Chief Risk Officer, Mr. Arthur Houghton commented on the new business strategy saying “From our research since April 2020 up until now, we have determined that commodities have remained stable despite the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and we have made a decision to expand our team and dedicate more trading desks for this asset class.”

“At this turbulent time, we are actively managing and reviewing our business portfolio. The decision to refocus our commodities business is based on our identification of more attractive ways to deploy our capital and resources.”

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