Lithium Extraction Works confirms Spodumene mineralization at Antofagasta site

Lithium Extraction Works today announced that during its recent drill program at its Antofagasta site, spodumene has been found and will be taken for testing.

Online PR News – 07-July-2021 – SANTIAGO – This discovery provides Lithium Extraction Works the opportunity to evaluate and sample the spodumene to determine the tantalum and tin concentrations.

Lithium Extraction Works’ Chief Geological Officer, Mr. Bruce McArthur commented on the spodumene discovery saying “Visual spodumene was reported and it was confirmed that pegmatite was intersected in all drilling sections.”

“We will take all the samples back to our labs for testing to see how mineral-rich the Antofagasta project site really is. The next phase is to drill a total of 273 metres into the surface and hopefully find traces of lithium oxides,” added Bruce McArthur, Chief Geological Officer of Lithium Extraction Works.

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