Experience Joy of Missing out (JOMO) in a hyper-connected and noisy world

Experience Joy of Missing out (JOMO) says most of us love to be busy. We enjoy being overworked, even if it may create mental stress.

Online PR News – 05-July-2021 – Delhi – Most of us love to be busy. We enjoy being overworked, even if it may create mental stress. We hate being in solitude. We are afraid to be alone. Though some of us may not have any alternative but to remain busy because of our livelihood. This is true especially for the economically weaker sectors of society. However, for many others, busyness is a sign of success or being rich and famous.

Things are changing now. Irrespective of one’s profession and status, most of us have become very busy. Whatever free time we had earlier is now going for social media. We are more often oblivious to wasting or mismanaging our time. We have forgotten that time is short and precious. We never realize the cost of time being wasted on unproductive things like social media. We also carry an impression that if they are not busy then others may think of us as lazy or bored people.

Simply being busy is not a problem, but when busyness expresses as chronic stress, it becomes a serious issue. When we spend time excessively on social media then it’s a matter of concern as it affects our mental wellbeing. There is a direct relationship between busyness and stress. At a certain threshold, outer busyness is felt inwardly as chronic stress. There is little difference between active life, busy life, and stressful life.

All overlap -

Technology is reshaping the world in many ways. Within the broad reach of “tech development,” numerous revolutions are taking place, affecting our lives in different ways. Various gadgets, connected to the Internet, are changing the way we work, communicate, study, exercise, play, and behave. Is technology making us happier and more joyful in this digital age? There is no easy answer.

It is yes and no at the same time. Potentially, we can become more happy and joyful if we learn to use technology rightly and judiciously, which is to say, for the greater good of all. If not, there is no end to the problems it can cause.

Many of us feel overburdened and conflicted when bombarded by material that is so very difficult to resist. Whatever spare time we earlier had is now going to social media, watching and sharing information in various forms.

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