Mespack India introduces avant-garde packaging solutions

Mespack India introduces avant-garde packaging solutions

Online PR News – 03-July-2021 – Thane – Engineered equipment leader Mespack India’s product portfolio has a range of unmatched products for the packaging industry.

Mespack, is committed to developing brilliant, eco-innovative sustainable packaging solutions with world leading companies to improve waste reduction, safety compliance and environmental protection plans.

India’s Leading Packaging Machines Manufacturers Mespack India offers a whole range of products catering to multiple sectors including food and beverage, consumer packaged goods and household goods, pet food and more. Apart from allowing the companies to save on storage and shipping, it also produces reduced carbon footprint which is good for the environment. The company is globally recognized for its superior engineering, package control and local field service support.

Their product line is futuristic making them a technology leader in flexible packaging solutions. Mespack introduce their new acquaints MespackCloud Packaging, has made them provide industry one more interesting product range with quality.

It’s made ServeOriginal and Performa are the high-speed continuous motion machines for three and four side seal pouches is the industry standard for sweetener packet production, and it excels at packaging products such as seasonings and spices, drink mixes, instant breakfast products, and nutraceuticals. They offer a speed up to 5000 pouches per minutes. Both machines offer flexibility in product SKUs and the optional multiple and customized feeders depending upon the product characteristics which allows the packaging of multiple products simultaneously.

The Cloud Hydroforma line dominate the water-soluble PODs rotary machines and is in a class by itself. It packages faster than any competitive machine and produces less than half the scrap of non-rotary style machines. Its an ideal solution for sustainable packaging.

Compared to other types of packaging, pouches or sachets reduce the impact on our ecological footprint. Flexible packaging aims to improve the long-term viability and the quality of life for humans as well as the longevity of the natural ecosystem. By considering the environment at the design stage, it is possible to reduce the cost of the packaging and minimize its impact on the environment. Consumers today actively seek out recyclable and environmentally friendly packages, and Mespack can help you to deliver these benefits to your customers.

Mr. Anthony Dsouza says, “When our customers choose MespackCloud Packaging Solutions, they choose packaging equipment that is faster, reliable, flexible and capable of delivering the highest quality results. With production expertise, our engineers design the MespackCloud Packaging Solutions to be highly functional with an emphasis on ease-of-use, compact footprints, quick changeovers and extreme reliability.”

As a premium company, the company has a wide range of products that can be used for packaging various product ranges. The products provide higher output, quicker changeovers, reduced design times, improved line integration, superior quality, and safety, handling a broader range of materials and a reliable pre-sales and post-sales support.