ProofHub’s All-New Custom Fields Make it a Front-runner For Best Project Management Software

Custom fields help teams capture specific information pertaining to their project and configure tasks based on their project requirements.

Online PR News – 25-June-2021 – Walnut,CA – ProofHub, the all-in-one project management and collaboration software, launched a latest data customization feature, Custom Fields. These fields allow teams to easily modify their workflow according to their project requirements and track information that is unique to their business, work processes and organization.

“It is quite tough for organizations to manage work across different teams and ensure that everyone stays on the same page. They have to juggle between different project management software, spreadsheets, emails and whatnot. It is nothing but busywork. Our goal has always been to be a central platform on which teams and organizations can rely to track and manage all of their work without any chaos. Whether it is a daily task management with clearly defined start and end dates, the on-going talent hiring process, resource allocation, or agile projects, You can easily track anything in ProofHub with the launch of all new Custom Fields”, Said Sandeep Kashyap, CEO, ProofHub.

Using custom fields, teams can seamlessly add the details that are important to their workflow and can easily track work of all kinds. Being able to create different fields to customize their projects can help teams gain more clarity about their work as they can include additional information that would be otherwise excluded if there were only fixed fields. You can now store pertinent task-specific data like date, currency, color, list, text, numbers, and much more effortlessly in one place.

The new tasks fields help you define project parameters as you can add, organize and visualize details that are essential to your workflow. You can also capture detailed task information like project status, stage, type, project risk, categorization, and much more. Since you can easily save information in a more structured way it will be easier for your team members to know which task is a priority and what needs to be done next.

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