PixelPlex Uncovers Details on Their Solution Built to Improve Crypto Trading

PixelPlex guarantees high-volume traders a more remarkable customer experience with OTC Hawk.

Online PR News – 25-June-2021 – New York – PixelPlex, an exemplary blockchain development company provides some vital information on its portfolio management software that’s poised to introduce a smarter and more effective way to exchange cryptocurrency in the crypto market.

PixelPlex noted that its OTC Hawk is a vital addition to some cryptocurrency trading platforms. The company noted that its wealth management solution offers clients around the world a never-before-seen opportunity to reveal crypto trading signals, strategies and take advantage of opportunities.

Alexei Dulub, the CEO of PixelPlex, sheds some information into the workings of OTC Hawk. He elucidated that it tackles issues for finance companies at scale. Specifically, he noted that this impressive technology focuses on solving major issues about managing highly valuable and high-risk assets in cryptocurrency trading.
OTC Hawk helps to aggregate cryptocurrency exchange offerings; get down to arbitrage at scale; manage high-value crypto assets.

Alexei Dulub explains that due to its focus on highly vital crypto trading pain points, OTC is highly demanded by brokers, medium and large scale cryptocurrency traders, eCommerce business managers, and market makers.

OTC desk has a remarkable infrastructure that features a gamut of internal and external blockchain compatible solutions. PixelPlex can easily integrate OTC Hawk with a diverse range of services.

PixelPlex noted on its website that OTC Hawk’s users are guaranteed to enjoy a wide range of private and personalized service. In addition to this, they also noted that they’ll enjoy instant execution irrespective of the currency volume and order blocks.

Some of the merits that make OTC Hawk an exemplary solution in its league of competitors include multi-layer protection, custody choice, compliance & validation, server-based deployment option. OTC Hawk is set to offer a better customer experience through some technologies that are being imbibed in the crypto solution.

About PixelPlex
PixelPlex is a blockchain solution development company with its headquarters in New York. The company has gained remarkable success in building cross-industry and industry-specific solutions for the betterment of society.

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