Finland’s world-class teacher training is available to Malaysian educators

HEI Schools, a Finnish education company, has partnered with SEGi, a Malaysian university, to incorporate Finnish teacher training into SEGi's teacher program.

Online PR News – 23-June-2021 – Helsinki, Finland – Nordic societies lead the world in quality of life and human fulfillment; Now Finland’s world-class teacher training is available to Malaysian educators

Year after year, international surveys rate Nordic societies the happiest in the world. Finland has placed first in this category for the past four years, and all Nordic citizens benefit from thoughtfully designed services and resources that nurture individuals and build social trust. The cornerstone of this societal wellbeing is education, and Finland is the recognized leader in Nordic educational achievement.

Finnish education begins with a highly-refined program of early-childhood learning that deemphasizes competition and testing. Instead, Finland’s innovative approach fosters play, creativity, independence, confidence, and socio-emotional skills. Research has demonstrated that the result is not only higher academic achievement but also lifelong health and flourishing. Finnish early-childhood education is thus an essential contributor to Nordic wellbeing and an exemplary method for maximizing human potential and fulfillment.

Exporting the entire Nordic model would be difficult, but exporting Finland’s teacher training is entirely feasible, and doing so can increase human flourishing and wellbeing around the globe. This is an essential part of the vision of HEI Schools, a Finnish early education company. Working closely with professors from the University of Helsinki, the HEI Schools team developed an online course that delivers the core pedagogical principles and methodologies that Finnish teachers employ in their highly-ranked educational system. With this program, they hope to foster the growth of creative, independent professionals who can confidently implement the best methods for early education.

HEI Schools partners with a Malaysian university to empower hundreds of teachers in the Finnish methodology
To increase their impact and reach even more educators around the world, HEI Schools has partnered up with SEGi University and Colleges in Malaysia. Starting in June 2021, the two entities agreed to incorporate the HEI Schools Teacher Certificate program into SEGi’s 2.5-year Early Childhood Education Teacher Diploma program across three college campuses (Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya and Penang). Students of the program will enroll in the online course, and they will receive a HEI Schools Teacher Certificate on progressive Finnish ECE when graduating from the SEGi program. Alumni of the Diploma program are also welcome to complete the course to further their professional development as educators.

Professor Lipponen, a co-founder of HEI Schools and professor at the University of Helsinki, commented, “I have had the privilege to lecture and connect with many early education professionals and academics in Southeast Asia, and I have seen first-hand the growing interest in Finnish early education in Malaysia and other countries in the region. The cooperation between HEI Schools and SEGi University in raising a new generation of teachers in Malaysia is a great opportunity for growth on both sides, and I look forward to seeing where this partnership will lead.”

The HEI Schools model is culturally flexible and adaptable, allowing effective and widespread localization in Malaysia
Other models that seek to export educational paradigms—for example, American, French, or German schools—can require the local educators to accept cultural imports, including language, moral norms, and culturally-specific celebrations. This can complicate the approach’s local viability. Unlike other models, the approach of HEI Schools is more culturally neutral and thus flexible. The goal is not to export Nordic culture or social structures, which would be difficult to replicate in Malaysia. Rather, the HEI Schools model focuses on teaching specific practical methods to transfer the educational values of Finnish early-childhood learning, so that they can be implemented within the local cultural context of Malaysia. Using this approach, HEI Schools and SEGi can bring high-quality Finnish early education to as many children in Malaysia as possible through schools’ most powerful resource: their teachers.
Moreover, by collaborating closely and continuously with the University of Helsinki, as well as with teachers in other countries, HEI Schools is also uniquely positioned to refine its materials on an ongoing basis in response to new research findings and field experience. With hundreds of educators utilizing and applying the materials from the HEI Schools Teacher Certificate program, the HEI Schools team has access to teachers’ application of the program and can refine it to better serve their needs.

SEGi continues to refine its teaching program to produce professional educators
This is the first partnership SEGi has entered into with a Finnish education concept, and SEGi has been recognized as a premier leader in early childhood teacher training, championing professionalism in the early childhood industry since 1999. In 2011, the Malaysian government appointed to champion the improvement of the nation’s preschool teachers under the Economic Transformation Plan (ETP). SEGi has also been on the executive committee of the Malaysian ECCE Council for the past ten years.

"We see this collaboration as part of our ongoing efforts to strive for educational excellence,” says Ms. Stella Lau, CEO, SEGi Group of Colleges. “The HEI Schools Teacher Certificate program offers us a perfect platform for incorporating the successful Finnish ECE approach into our Early Childhood diploma. With the HEI program embedded nicely within our diploma, we are confident that our students will be immersed in a stimulating and powerful learning experience that impresses upon them the lifelong impact that they will have on young children. They will graduate with the confidence and skill sets that discerning employers seek, both within and beyond Malaysia. Early childhood practitioners in our country need more than just the mandatory Diploma in Early Childhood to make a difference, which is why SEGi has chosen to partner HEI Schools.”

Milla Kokko, Co-Founder and CEO of HEI Schools, also commented: “At HEI Schools, our mission is to bring high-quality education to as many children and families in the world as possible. With this partnership, we will get much closer to achieving that goal and we cannot wait to get started.”

Students will start enrolling in the online program in June 2021, and the two companies look forward to a fruitful collaboration for years to come.

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