New Language Learning & Teaching Platform LiveXP Now Available in 12 Languages

LiveXP is a young language learning platform featuring a multilingual user interface and exceptional tutors for the best learning experience.

Online PR News – 22-June-2021 – New York – Nowadays there is a variety of educational platforms for learning languages online with tutors from all over the world. People choose the best one for themselves according to their own preferences. Recently, a new platform has appeared on the Internet among already existed ones. Objectively, it is worthy to be mentioned for those who are interested in self-development and learning new languages. LiveXP is an established and growing educational platform connecting motivated learners worldwide with inspiring tutors to study new languages online. It’s specifically designed to help its users learn, boost, or maintain their knowledge of foreign languages.

Learning on LiveXP can be mixed with other functions in the platform to make the entire process more cohesive. For instance, the learners can boost their English vocabulary with a free live-streaming service, where they'll interact with energetic and professional tutors to assist them in learning new phrases and words naturally. Through this, the students will find it fun and easy to learn the English language.

Why LiveXP?
LiveXP makes language learning really easy. Any dedicated learner from anywhere globally can now study one or multiple foreign languages on this platform effectively. Additionally, the LiveXP user interface has been localized and now accessible in 12 different languages: English, Germany, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish, Arabic, Turkish, and Mandarin Chinese.
The user can efficiently switch to their preferred language at the footer of the website. The multilingual interface helps improve communication and reach a wider audience.

But why choose the LiveXP language learning platform?
· Customized learning. The learners can choose from thousands of tutors for one-on-one lessons based on their interests and goals.
· Pay per lesson. On LiveXP, a learner pays per lesson the price that meets their budget.
· Learn anywhere, anytime. A student can attend online lessons at their own convenient time and place.

LiveXP offers different courses and features that are targeted to language learners and tutors. Tutors usually offer bite-sized lessons to the learners, thus maximizing their effectiveness.

How does LiveXP work?
The platform is free for using and registration. You have an access to all tutors’ cards to find the best one for yourself. All you need to book a lesson is to complete the registration in a few clicks.
Here is the navigation process if you need to learn English (for example) on LiveXP:
1. Choose your English tutor. Consider first watching introductory tutor videos and then read reviews from other learners.
2. Book lessons. Students can schedule classes at a time and date that suits them best.
3. Begin the learning journey. Connect with a tutor online through video chat and let the lessons start.

Teachers only need to create their tutor profiles to connect to the learners. They can also create the courses and set their prices and schedules.

The LiveXP blog and community
On the LiveXP blog, a student will get various articles about learning the English language across different topics, from simple grammar rules to finding the best English tutors online. The blog has over 40 articles created and published by experienced authors offering the best information source to enhance language studies.

LiveXP platform consists of tutors and students who are highly dedicated to sharing skills and learning passionately. Anyone can learn any language and share their skills via private lessons, courses, and public streams. Just visit the FAQ section to receive an answer to any question, and read some tips and tricks for using LiveXP from their creators. Wonder how it works in life? Make a few clicks to begin your learning or tutoring journey now.

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