Advanced Proenergy to promote the role of energy storage in advancing clean energy goals

Advanced Proenergy today announced their plans of a new energy storage project that uses an innovation in lithium battery technology to promote clean energy.

Online PR News – 17-June-2021 – SHENZHEN – Advanced Proenergy hopes the success of this project will demonstrate the safe and environmentally friendly use of commercial energy storage systems that can integrate more uses of renewable energy.

Advanced Proenergy’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Alistair Tan commented on the clean energy plan saying “Advanced Proenergy’s Energy Research and Development Division are designing and developing battery technology to show the role of energy storage in enhancing the demand for an environmentally friendly climate and clean energy goals.”

“Our concept is that safe battery storage devices paired with renewable energy sources will be necessary for the future and for the world to reach clean energy targets. Our team are investigating this unique idea of a concept storage project which could be the catalyst for the world to use more environmentally friendly and cleaner technologies to fight climate change and have an access to sustainable energy for the future,” added Alistair Tan, Chief Technology Officer of Advanced Proenergy.

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We have always placed great emphasis on innovation through research and development. Since our founding, we have held true that by investing in ourselves and our technology, we can lead our industry and power others; progress through progress. As part of this belief, we have worked determinedly to attract the most talented engineers, researchers and operators to ensure we can offer unique, powerful and efficient power solutions to global companies, product developers and manufacturers.

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