PixelPlex Is Poised to Improve Cryptocurrency Transactions with its CryptoAPI

CryptoAPI from PixelPlex is built to help facilitate the process of connecting dApps to blockchain networks at a very fast rate.

Online PR News – 16-June-2021 – New York, NY – PixelPlex, a blockchain development company sheds more light on its innovative and consistent CryptoAPI that connects blockchain networks and dApps in a flash. PixelPlex believes that it should be easy to access blockchain networks, and as such, it has made CryptoAPI very easy to integrate and highly adaptable to multiple platforms.

PixelPlex’s CEO, Alexei Dulub, explains that before formulating the crypto API, they first identified some common problems faced when connecting dApps directly to blockchain networks. Some of the problems it identified include unnecessary infrastructure cost; lib updates and recurring codes; unavailable details of token transactions; and cost of managing a stand-by engineering team. PixelPlex’s CryptoAPI helps to solve these problems by helping with data retrieval; organizing all required blockchain data; building a consistent interface for structured and parsed data.

Alexei Dulub explains that CryptoAPI is well-positioned as a light bulb moment for both large businesses that run on the DLT and freelance blockchain programmers that focus their attention solely on creating blockchain solutions. CryptoAPI is built to be universally stable for users by ensuring an under-zero connection between infrastructure endpoints.
CryptoAPI helps to ease access to some common cryptocurrency networks like the Echo; Bitcoin; Etherum; Klay; Litecoin and some other gamut of networks. A list of other benefits shown on PixelPlex’s website includes discovering more block data; gaining access to more detailed info on addresses through cryptocurrency database; reviewing the details of token transactions; creating transactions.

Clearly displayed on the company’s website are some impressive numbers that give credibility to PixelPlex’s claim that CryptoAPI is a revolutionary solution. Some of those include a write speed of 190 MB/S,6 TB of data storage, a time-of-first-byte of 180 ms, and a 99.9% uptime over the current quarter.
CryptoAPI is currently being used by a gamut of companies, some of which include CoinFlip; and HANCOM Inc.

About PixelPlex
PixelPlex is a blockchain-oriented company with a vast pool of professionals that understand the nitty-gritty of creating solutions that are highly impactful on business processes and can significantly improve return-on-investment.