How Aztec Culture Inspired New Hit Graphic Novel, Aztec Warrior God

Inspired by the mysteries of the Aztec Empire, the critically acclaimed graphic novel series “Aztec Warrior God" surpasses 40,000 pre-sales.

Online PR News – 16-June-2021 – Los Angeles, CA – A unique graphic novel is capturing the imaginations of people around the world and the incredible story of how it came to be. Inspired by the mysteries of the Aztec Empire, a mix of history, legend, and modern superhero dynamics, the critically acclaimed graphic novel series “Aztec Warrior God” is already being compared to Braveheart, Lord of the Rings, and Marvel’s Avengers with over 40,000 pre-sales.

The author of "Aztec Warrior God" the award-winning writer, director and producer, David Towner, whose films have been applauded by millions of people worldwide and won dozens of awards. During a trip to Mexico in 2009, he found unexpected inspiration for the graphic novel series entitled “Aztec Warrior God”.

The first comic in the series has already sold over 40,000 pre-sales with a release date of August 13.

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After the fall of the Aztec Empire on August 13th, 1521, many surviving Mexica withdraw into a secret level of the underworld (Mictlan) to rebuild the culture without interference from the outside world. The god of war, Huitzilopochtli, then grants immortality to five warriors and eight designated intellectuals who are tasked with restoring Aztec culture while creating a harmonious, prosperous and unified planet. Their immortality is preserved by a well-guarded water source known as the “Healing Waters”.

Over the next five hundred years, the intellectuals anonymously integrate themselves into various cultures around the world to develop an understanding of technology, cultural development and languages, always returning to the underworld to share the knowledge with their society. Meanwhile, the warriors hone their fighting skills and prepare for their emergence into modern society.

On the 500th anniversary of the fall of their empire (August 13th, 2021), the immortals emerge to discover a world that has been crippled by a Lassa virus pandemic. Upon discovering that the virus was created in a lab by a Russian Oligarch named Adrian Volkov, who is also manipulating and selling vaccines to the highest bidder, they decide to negotiate with him to help distribute vaccines to the most devastated countries. When Volkov makes it clear that he has no interest in supporting their cause, the warriors decide that his organization must be destroyed.


Originally from Alaska (Chugiak-Eagle River), David Towner is an American Entrepreneur, Comedian, Writer and Filmmaker. Prior to pursuing his business and entertainment ventures, he served as a US Army Paratrooper with missions in Somalia, Haiti and Cuba. Towner is most known for his quirky feature film, Our Scripted Life, which was released in 2020 and was downloaded half a million times in the first three months after being released. The film was the public introduction to Towner's character Roscoe Turner, a hillbilly from Kentucky who offers his own brand of unsolicited wisdom. Towner is also the Creator and Head Writer for the graphic novel series, Aztec Warrior God, which has gained millions of fans around the world. He is married to model Brandi Mendoza. The couple has triplet girls, born in 2017, and reside primarily in Palm Beach County, Florida.