PixelPlex Launched Web Accessibility Consulting Services

PixelPlex introduces its ADA Audit & Website Accessibility Consulting to ensure websites are friendly to individuals with cognitive and physical disabilities.

Online PR News – 15-June-2021 – New York – PixelPlex, a customer-oriented and highly innovative company has revealed its highly impactful ADA Audit and Web Accessibility Consulting Services. The primary aim of formulating the Americans with Disabilities Act is to ensure that technology platforms can easily be accessed by individuals with a disability.

PixelPlex explains that the consequence of refusing to create an online platform that aligns with the expectations of the Americans with Disability Act can be huge. Some noteworthy consequences that PixelPlex highlighted on its website include the risk of litigations; penalties and fines; poor page ranking on popular social media sites; customer churn & reputational risk.

The company noted some essential benefits that are derivable from doing a consistent accessibility audit. With a PixelPlex website accessibility consultant, businesses are guaranteed a myriad of benefits; some of these benefits include a more pronounced target market reach, and the opportunity to impact society positively.

PixelPlex’s accessibility audit team has a deep level of understanding of the specifics of the Americans with Disability Act. Alexei Dulub, the company’s CEO said that they have crafted a unique and efficient plan they follow to guarantee that their project complies with legal stipulations and client’s expectations.

PixelPlex focuses on individuals with four major types of impairment, these are; hearing impairment; visual impairment; cognitive problem; and motor problems. For motor problems, PixelPlex ensures that the website has full keyboard navigation; large target spots for mouse pointers; and easy-to-use navigational tabs. To ensure that a platform is easy to access to those with cognitive difficulties, PixelPlex includes animations or headings; automated reader adjustments; more improved time limits to complete a project.

PixelPlex highlights some noteworthy reasons why its services stand out. Some of those reasons are that it uses only the latest website development trend; it offers step-by-step guidance; regular updates; continuous support, human-based & tool based audit.

About PixelPlex
PixelPlex is a blockchain-based company that creates projects to appeal to the inner desire of businesses. The company currently maintains offices in six countries and has a clientele in over 190 countries

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