Lean Station Launches A New Module Called Lean PlanDo Flow, An Automated Workflow Management System

Lean Station offers a new module - Lean PlanDo Flow to prepare, organize and prioritize workflow for developers and their projects.

Online PR News – 18-June-2021 – Singapore – Lean Station offers a new module to prepare, organize and prioritize workFlow for developers and their projects, taking another step to transform the construction industry. This new asset provides a platform for project teams to organize and manage all their digital documents on a cloud system. Its strong aspects rely on the ability to create custom forms and their specific workflows, mobile collaboration between everyone involved, instant notifications and insightful dashboard. Lean PlanDo Flow strives to engage already existing knowledge by leaving everything prepared before operations. Its purpose is to be an enabler to Lean PlanDo as well as a site management tool.

Rohith Viswanath, Product Head at Lean Station also a founding member said “At Lean Station, we saw this opportunity to serve the construction projects better. We rethought how Lean methods could benefit the process management and bring digital advantages of data analysis.”

Lean PlanDo Flow works as a type of “checklist” for each type of project document. Its purpose is to make the process of signing and organizing paperwork more effective by having everything digitalized and ready to go without unnecessary delays. Lean PlanDo Flow strives to avoid these delays or the loss of documents which can lead to big repercussions in the long run. In simpler words, as the name states, Lean PlanDo Flow connects a chain of events to answer the questions of what, when, how and where aiming to create a perfect flow for operations.

There are four initial modules for Lean PlanDo and those are Quality, Safety, Inspection and Design focusing on the construction industry. Field management activities in construction sites such as material quality inspection, site work inspection and SSHE safety forms can be executed with many useful features like:
1. Form & Workflow builder/manager
2. Mobile access & Mutual collaboration on the go
3. Insightful Dashboards
4. Embedded lean concepts
5. Users roles and access rights

“With Construction processes being manual, paper based and the lack of connected digital systems, the ineffectiveness of developers and contractors is growing. It has been the dream and an evergreen request from our clientele for their processes to be connected, to get a one true picture to align all team members in a construction project.
We built Lean PlanDo Flow from scratch as an independent, flexible and a connected workflow management system that combines digital forms, document management, dashboard and other modular features to be a tool for contractors, which can be easily customised to fit various use-cases from pre-construction, construction and post construction, with an ability to integrate with core Lean PlanDo for connected data and information.” (Viswanath, Rohith; 2021)

Lean Station has been working very closely with developers and contractors to help deliver projects on time by improving the quality and efficiency of planning, commitment, execution and monitoring the projects. As a computer software and an R&D company it embraces a digital and lean transformation approach aimed at continually improving the capital delivery using Integrated Lean Project Delivery (ILPD) system.

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