UPSC essay test schedule released by Elite IAS for better preparation

Elite IAS has recently started its essay test series 2021 for the upcoming UPSC exam.

Online PR News – 05-June-2021 – New Delhi, Delhi – Elite IAS has recently started its essay test series 2021 for the upcoming UPSC exam. The batch started on 29th May, and IAS candidates can easily register with the training institute to take advantage of the mock test series at an affordable rate. Admission is open for candidates from any part of India. IAS aspirants can directly visit the website to download the schedule for the test series.

According to the Elite IAS team, the essay paper is highly challenging for students. That is why it has taken steps to help candidates in gaining confidence and refining their ability to write an essay. The training academy has created a flexible essay test module for the interested candidates. The UPSC aspirants can use the portal to write the essay and submit it. There is no need to visit the academy for it.

The professional instructors at the coaching institute have found that candidates face two major issues- Transparency Illusion and Functional Fixedness. The essay test series is intended to solve these problems. Moreover, candidates will learn the way of communicating their ideas while writing the essay.
Training on writing UPSC essays-

UPSC candidates can join the training courses to learn the art of writing essays. The dedicated instructors train these candidates on how to write introduction, conclusion, and body of an essay. Regular training will help them to sharpen their thinking capability. However, candidates may also visit the official site to get useful information on essay writing techniques. These free guides are helpful for all candidates.
Schedule for essay mock tests-

The test series includes 11 tests in total. The interested candidates have to visit the website to get the latest updates from Elite IAS. For every test, the training academy will provide model answers. Thus, the candidates will get an opportunity to assess their performance standards.

Test 1 has already been conducted on 29th May, and there were two topics on social issues and economic problems. The 2nd test will be on 12th June. The topics will be political and environmental issues. On 26th June, the topics for Test 3 will be related to technology and ethical problems. On 10th July, the topics are about contemporary problems The Test 5 topics on 24th July are about security and international relation and security. On 7th August, Test 6 is about cultural issues, ethnic problems, and security (international and national). Test 7 will be on 30th October, and the topics are about famous thinkers, government, and its policies. The rest of the tests will be full-length mock tests.

As the IAS training academy has published the dates and topics, candidates will get time for preparation. The last test will be on 2nd January 2022.
The long series of tests will help candidates to identify their mistakes. They will find a technique of writing their essays in a better way.
Time for evaluating answer sheets-

The candidates will receive the evaluation report within 2 weeks. The professional trainers will evaluate the answer papers to let the candidates know the writing standards.

Elite IAS has taken a multi-dimensional essay writing approach. Moreover, candidates can contact the faculty via email and phone. The one-to-one mentorship will benefit them in different ways.

Writing Test Series from Elite IAS can make the aspirants highly disciplined. Candidates can increase their writing efficiencies with the repeated tests.
Thus, the IAS aspirants can visit the official website to learn more about the training academy and its coaching classes.
About Elite IAS- Elite IAS is a reputable Delhi-based training institute for UPSC candidates. It has both online and offline courses for aspirants.

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