DAFEX Ventures into New Grounds with its Breakthrough (AIT 3.0) Finance Technology

DAFEX Ventures into New Grounds with its Breakthrough (AIT 3.0) Finance Technology

Online PR News – 07-June-2021 – Melbourne, Victoria – As the world progresses through the new era, Artificial Intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other IT advancements have changed our traditional business models. DAFEX is a global provider of finance services with its mission to create breakthroughs in the ever conservative finance industry.

DAFEX (AIT 3.0) is a merger of the world’s cutting edge technology in artificial intelligence and finance trading, and is also the core of DAFEX’s business. Not only does (AIT 3.0) bring together the industry’s greatest experts and the most advanced technologies the industry has to offer, it is the pioneer in blockchain-fintech application, developing countless artificial intelligence based settings, making it the world’s first high tech finance trading system.

Artificial intelligence has given birth to a new era for finance. DAFEX’s in-house developed AI asset management system – (AIT 3.0) is the merger of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology at its core. DAFEX utilizes the advantages of blockchain technology to improve finance trading as a whole by increasing the transparency of trades and shortening trade time for its users. The user friendly (AIT 3.0) assists the user by autonomously monitoring the market and using a general strategy that analyzes data contributed by the community to execute its portfolio allocations. With DAFEX (AIT3.0), the user is enabled to optimally rake in profits with comfort and ease.

DAFEX (AIT 3.0) encompasses a multilayered logic strategy that utilizes complexed algorithmic models to process large sets of data formulated by data experts to pre-select the optimal trading strategies. One of the most prominent features of (AIT 3.0) is its AI investment management feature where users get a personal investment manager that provides market insights and analysis to identify the best investment opportunities. On top of that, (AIT 3.0) comes with a data sharing platform where mass amounts of data from the DAFEX community has been accumulated and aggregated producing wisdom-like big data. This system is capable of meeting users’ personalized demands in setting strategies, assisting users in maximizing profits for each investment portfolio.

Though the global economy has been negatively impacted recently, developments in finance and innovations in related IT industries has created some form of structure in finance services through meeting demand and supplies and substantial changes to risk layouts. This has posed significant regulatory challenges for the related regulatory bodies, creating an imbalance between the innovation of Finance Technology and the industry regulators. Fortunately, with the cutting edge breakthroughs in AI technology, challenges have been turned into opportunities.

Developments in AI and blockchain has been growing in popularity especially in the Asian Fintech Markets as a breakthrough in finance and a viable solution to industry challenges. DAFEX commits itself to constant innovation, new ventures and new ways of thinking to push the supply system of financial services forward. Today, (AIT 3.0) combines blockchain technology with artificial intelligence to bring you the best profits. It is in our mission to create the most advanced, next generation AI trading system, bringing the trading game to new heights of automation.

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