WotNot partners with DialogFlow & IBM Watson, allowing businesses to leverage AI with no-code bots.

With a mission to make Conversational AI available to a wide spectrum of businesses, WotNot provides a no-code chatbot platform to build advanced AI-powered bot

Online PR News – 04-June-2021 – Gujarat, India – IBM Watson and Dialogflow- two leading Natural Language Processing engines in the market- have partnered with WotNot. With their advanced machine learning capacities and intelligence, coupled with WotNot’s no-code bot builder, businesses can now reach a new milestone in customer engagement through conversational AI.

“For long, businesses have restrained from adopting AI because of its complexity and costs. If there isn’t a friendly interface to try AI, businesses wouldn’t be comfortable using it. With this integration, we want to show that AI is for everyone and can be adopted without any technical expertise and high expenditure.” said Hardik Makadia, Co-founder and Product Head at WotNot.

Dialogflow and IBM Watson have advance NLP engines that recognise the visitor input using intents and utterances. Its algorithm provides responses based on these intents and utterances. NLP engines are highly sophisticated, but they can just provide you with the brain of a bot, not the face. WotNot provides you with a frontend development platform to build a bot and integrate Dialogflow or IBM Watson using an API key. Hardik further explained, “Conversational AI is taking up a notch-higher than rule-based bots where the bot can understand and respond to open-ended queries. AI chatbots built using Dialogflow, and IBM Watson opens up new opportunities and allows businesses to have personalised conversations with users at scale.”

Both Dialogflow and IBM Watson provides more than 20 language options for building bots. They can also respond to complex customer requests and give relevant answers that can exemplify your customer experience. “Since AI has machine learning capabilities, you can expect your bot to improve over time based on their encounters with new situations. Conversational AI is no more the future but rather at the forefront of human-machine interaction. At WotNot, we want businesses to experience these advancements in AI chatbots while retaining our core value of providing a DIY framework,” Hardik added.

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