NeuCommunity Accelerates Business Growth While Addressing Non-residents’ Needs

NeuXP, an omnichannel digital banking platform set to be available in Q3 this year, officiated the launch of NeuCommunity.

Online PR News – 04-June-2021 – Kuala Lumpur – NeuXP, an omnichannel digital banking platform set to be available in Q3 this year, officiated the launch of NeuCommunity, a brand new all-in-one digital platform for business owners and non-residents alike on 6th May. NeuCommunity serves as a one-stop online platform that eases the communication between business owners and their partners, all the while connecting millions of people locally and soon worldwide to discuss and share relevant information on services relevant to studying, living and working abroad.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of NeuCommunity and as we are still in the first phase of the service, we will be prioritizing the Malaysian market before looking to expand our horizons and go global in the second or third phase of NeuCommunity,” stated Jeremy Mah, CEO, Co-Founder, and Executive Director of NeuXP.

NeuCommunity offers a new avenue for businesses to grow their customer base and brand presence free of charge and hassle-free. By being listed on NeuCommunity, business owners, especially SMEs will be able to gather valuable feedback from previous visitors, allowing them to better strategize and make improvements. Meanwhile, positive comments from customers will serve as a steppingstone towards achieving more sales and brand visibility in the future.

Other than increasing brand awareness, NeuCommunity opens an avenue for brands to connect and network with suppliers, business partners, investors and other potential partners. This will pave the way for accelerated growth and new opportunities for not only established brands and multinational corporations, but also SMEs as well as up and coming businesses.

Besides building a trustworthy network for business owners and partners, NeuCommunity is also a feature-filled application built from the ground up to allow users to view, search, and share information about premises and relevant services such as restaurants, accommodation, shopping, and even institutional establishments. Allowing others, especially foreigners or tourists to make more informed decisions when living or travelling overseas. Not only that, those who are looking to settle down permanently can also search for job opportunities and vacancies posted by business owners through NeuCommunity.

Besides being able to engage in discussions with others through forums and social media integrations, users can also redeem in-app rewards like purchases and bookings through NeuCommunity’s Bulb points, just by being active on the platform.

For more information on NeuXP, please head on to To find out more about NeuCommunity, please visit or download the NeuCommunity application from the Google Play Store.


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