Kara Stewart-Mullens announced as One of the Top 10 Most Successful CEOs of 2021

Neurobiologix is pleased to announce that its own CEO and Co-founder has been featured as one of the 10 Most Successful CEOs of 2021.

Online PR News – 02-June-2021 – Austin, TX – Neurobiologix is pleased to announce that its own, Kara Stewart-Mullens, CEO and Co-founder of Neurobiologix has recently been featured in Industry Era Women's Leaders Magazine for a highly coveted position, the top 10 Most Successful CEOs of 2021.

The prestigious position recognizes female leaders in various industries that are performing so well that it catches the attention of the Industry Era Women Leaders Magazine. Industry Era is always surveying for their next group of successful female executives for their next yearly issue, and this year Kara will be featured—along with nine other resilient and ambitious women that are also reaching new heights in their respective industries.

Kara’s determination and concern for the success of other women has been one of the main driving factors to creating a well-balanced company culture. In Kara’s experience, climbing the hierarchy was no easy task. She persevered through male dominated workplaces, climbing the corporate ladder until finally her hard work and dedication had earned herself a prestigious position at the company she worked for previous to setting up Neurobiologix.

“Before Neurobiologix, I worked in a very man centric work environment. I pushed and crawled my way to the top but it shouldn’t have been that hard. I want to offer women a great place to work, have fun at what they do and see that what they are doing as well is to make people’s lives better.”

Kara not only receives inspiration from her past experiences, but also from women industry leaders around her. The other top nine CEO’s featured in Industry Era are the type of leaders Kara frequently is inspired by and appreciates. She hopes to inspire other women alike and conveys that passion through her company. Kara values the space she holds within her company to allow women to grow and develop their skills and ensure a brighter future for themselves and Neurobiologix as a whole.

“Kara says Neurobiologix has seven amazing women working together who ensure that the company is operational in the perfect manner. We do have men in our company as well, but I love to offer women growth in a company to help create our vision.”

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