New offers for upcoming writers from Shakti Enterprise to help them translate their books

Shakti Enterprise has initiated a new project under which they will be helping new authors and writers.

Online PR News – 31-May-2021 – Mumbai - Maharashtra – A highly reputed company in the market for translation services Shakti enterprise has initiated a new project under which they will be helping new authors and writers. The project will encourage the translation of books written by new writers to help them reach a bigger audience for their stories and write-ups. The reason for taking this step is to encourage writers to not underestimate their capabilities and try reaching different parts of the world through the translation of their books.

Not only translation will help authors reach a bigger audience but also they will get exposure to the writers of different languages. This will lead to exchanging ideas and creating more opportunities through collaboration for each other. Shakti enterprise is active in finding ways to improve the involvement of youth in content creation and writing books. Authors know how much language expertise matters in the translation of a book and no author would like to take a risk of trying on their own. Thus, companies like shakti enterprise offer these services for a smooth translation process for the book.

The company says "Books help in exchanging ideas and at no cost, ideas should be made limited to a certain language."

In the past two decades, Shakti enterprise has assisted authors in the process of translation. The team does not merely use the book as the sole thing to look up to for translation. The discussion sessions and meets are organised to get deeper into the viewpoint of the writer to maintain that element in the translated book. The translators are well experienced and know what they're doing. The collective responsibility of the team and customised approach towards every book help them deliver clients with the best. Not only this initiative will be encouraging the authors to translate their books but also the team will use their research to help writers understand in which languages their stories will make a point in the book lovers.

About the Company

Shakti Enterprise is a professional translation agency in India, born out of the fundamental belief that translation is all about ‘saying what you mean’ in their language with the ‘Power of Clarity. We work with companies and organizations around the world. We help you in localizing content, products, reports into 100+ Indian and foreign languages. We pay attention to the translation, proofreading,box-resizing, tax validation and create content for you that increases sales, downloads and brings a competitive edge to your company. We at Shakti Enterprise have custom-fitted interpretation solutions for all of your needs.