ROSA the Decentralized Pension Fund

ROSA is the world's first Decentralized Pension Fund. It is powered by a highly decentralized financial ecosystem, based solely on smart contracts

Online PR News – 30-May-2021 – Los Angeles, CA – ROSA the Decentralized Pension Fund

ROSA is the world's first Decentralized Pension Fund. It is powered by a highly decentralized financial ecosystem, based solely on smart contracts

ROSA brings you the Next-generation decentralized Retirement Fund that is run on both Binance and Ethereum Smart Chains. For the increased and maximum value, ROSA integrates several Multi-Chains as well as transactions. ROSA guarantees cheap and faster transactions. It does not matter where you are, because Rosa Finance will knock at your device anytime once you sign up. The platform offers matchless diverse savings plans that attract different interest rates. What is more, it allows the user the luxury of using their Crypto assets by linking both DeFi and the traditional financial retirement saving processes. The platform offers diverse products, assets, and services that cannot be ignored.

Mission: Creation of a Decentralized Pension Ecosystem with a Multi-chain Interoperability that uses Blockchain Network that will be supported by a Decentralized Bridge Functionality.

How does ROSA work?

ROSA gives users exposure to various saving alternatives especially cryptocurrencies by using the Chain Hedging Mechanism. The software uses a hybrid of Ethereum and Binance protocols i.e. PoW, and PoS that automatically does the execution. It balances Asset allocation versus technology to offer its users the best services. With ROSA a user can earn from their deposited funds without any transfer or movement. What is more the platform facilitates ROSA Cryptocurrency linked Loans to users at low-interest rates. The validators earn interest from the compounded Interest that comes from their staked funds.

It is a solution-based platform that runs on blockchain technology that uses ETH and BSC but will be adding more Apps in days to come.

What Problem Does ROSA Solve?

The traditional Pension Schemes or funds have been facing a lot of challenges lately. The investment options for the sector continue to fizzle out. In the western countries, those retiring are more compared to the little number of those joining the workforce. Other issues include third-party interference that limits user experience and freedom. The integrity issues with traditional systems, and slow processing procedures.

How Does ROSA Solve the Problem?

The platform intends to decentralize the retirement benefits fund as well as adding more services for the betterment of all users. Not only that but also to merge the traditional retirement scheme with Digital Assets. Finally to provide seamless and fast data transfer. This would see increased transparency and cheaper transactions. Diversity is the key here and the platform comes to offer what has been missing in the Retirement funds.

The Target Users

The platform intends to reach out to financial investors, Crypto enthusiasts, general investors, and all people regardless of their social status.


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