New Blog Offers Tips for New York Bank Attorneys

Easysoft Legal Software is TRID-RESPA compliant and has a long history of serving the legal community.

Online PR News – 28-May-2021 – Jersey City, NJ – For New York real estate attorneys, receiving work from banks and lenders can be a lucrative source of business. Today, Easysoft Legal Software is a leader in specialized software for New York bank and lender attorneys, releasing a new blog that offers 3 tips for establishing relationships with banks.

In New York, whether you are an established real estate attorney, a solo/small firm practitioner running a general practice or new to the profession, you can find steady work by establishing relationships with banks. That is somewhat unique to the state of New York.

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Software helps solves complex calculations and reduces errors

For attorneys handling bank or lender closings, it is critical to be responsive, fast, and accurate. When a closing begins, it is imperative that there are no miscalculations to ensure there are no delays or revisiting of numbers. Working with banks and lenders means that they will likely have their own set of numbers such as a Loan Estimate. Once this step is complete, the attorney will create a CD (Closing Disclosure) with their set of numbers. This is where complex calculations begin. Without proper cross-checking and accuracy across the board, the closing process can become more complicated and delayed.

“I’ve been running bank closings for many, many years and I have to say as a real estate attorney, it’s important to master the ‘math’ of a closing. You have to know that your numbers are accurate and understand the process of how the numbers came to be.” says Lou Petralia, Westchester County real estate attorney.

About the Standard TILA-RESPA 5-page Integrated Closing Disclosure (CD)

Under Federal law, lenders were required to provide three different disclosure forms to a consumer applying for a mortgage. The law also required lenders to provide the consumer with two separate forms shortly before closing on the loan. As these forms were designed by two different Federal agencies, under two Federal statutes, the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974 (RESPA), there was duplication and inconsistent information, leading to consumer confusion.

About Easysoft Legal Software

Easysoft Legal Software is TRID-RESPA compliant and has a long history of serving the legal community. Founded in 1986 by a real estate attorney and a programmer, who were ‘looking for a better way to handle closings’, the product was created to provide reliable numbers that would automatically adjust the calculations throughout the closing process.

Today, Easysoft provides web-based, auto-calculating software for real estate lawyers and paralegals, including the popular auto-calculating CDs (closing disclosures) and HUD. With minimal effort, all Easysoft needs to complete complex calculations is the input of accurate numbers. The CD software does the rest from calculations to tax proration, general reconciliation and more. With this specialized software, attorneys can generate summary sheets, ALTA settlement statements, the CD, lender worksheets, and more.

Additionally, you can stay ahead of the year-end filing frenzy with paperless filing option for 1099s (directly from the software) as well as e-signing of important documents.

If you would like more information about Easysoft Legal Software, or would like to see the product and schedule a personal demonstration, please contact Mark Afonso, Product Consultant at 1-800-905-7638 extension 1, or email or click here to schedule your demonstration around your schedule