'la Ciguapa Siempre' to Premiere at 2021 Laliff

From the all-female team at Body Checker Productions, horror short 'La Ciguapa Siempre' to premiere at 2021 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.

Online PR News – 26-May-2021 – LOS ANGELES, Calif. – From the all-female team at Body Checker Productions, dominican horror short 'La Ciguapa Siempre' among those premiering at this year's Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival. Director Monica Moore - Suriyage was one of five Afro-Latinx filmmakers selected for the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival's inaugural Netflix-sponsored Latinx Inclusion Fellowship Series.

As part of the fellowship, each filmmaker was awarded a $20,000 grant to produce a film short, as well as offered individualized mentorship and networking opportunities, such as one-on-one meetings with industry leaders. The resulting shorts will premiere at this year's festival June 2-6.

Suriyage's submission "La Ciguapa Siempre" is inspired by the legendary ciguapa, a half-woman, half-beast creature found in Dominican folklore. Both beautiful and cruel, ciguapas are fabled to be 'mermaids of the woodlands,' known for luring men into the forest only to bring them to an untimely death.

'La Ciguapa Siempre' Premise: After finding out she is adopted, shy Milagro agrees to a camping getaway with her boyfriend Davis to help clear her mind. When Milagro starts to doubt Davis’ faithfulness, she realizes the answer to who she is might be hiding deep within the woods.

"La Ciguapa Siempre is a celebration of my Dominican heritage mixed with my love of horror. It's about trying to figure where one fits in and how culture shapes our future, whether we embrace it or not," said Moore-Suriyage.

Moore - Suriyage and producer Chelsey Colosimo secured an impressive cast for the short including Cheyenne Washington ("Rare Cygnes", "Blue Laces") as lead, Milagro, and Michael Bonini ("Bull", "Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History") as her boyfriend, Davis. They also ensured their crew was almost entirely comprised of women and women of color.

"La Ciguapa Siempre" will premiere at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA, as part of the 2021 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival.

More about the makers:
Monica Moore - Suriyage is a biracial, blasian, afro latina whose directing work features bold color, strong women, and sometimes blood. Moore - Suriyage’s first short film "Black in Red Out" screened at more than 20 film festivals and led to her inclusion in Shudder's "Horror Noire," representing the next generation of black filmmakers. Displaying her signature use of color, the music videos and digital pieces she’s directed have amassed millions of views online.

Chelsey Colosimo has produced numerous music videos, digital content and short films including "Black In, Red Out." Drawn to compelling characters navigating life through a chromatic lens, Colosimo is currently in development and production on various music videos and features, both with Body Checker and independently.

Christa M. Philippeaux is first generation Haitian-American editor/photographer. She has edited four short films, including award-winning “Black In Red Out”, as well as numerous music videos and digital content. She most recently worked on Beyonce and Disney’s “Black Is King” and is currently working on episodic and long-form projects with Netflix.

Body Checker Productions is an LA-based all-female filmmaking collective comprised of executive producer Chelsey Colosimo, writer/director Monica Moore - Suriyage, editor Christa Philippeaux and writer/producer Kaitlin Reilly. Since its inception, the collective has produced a variety of shorts and music videos met with critical acclaim.

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