P3iD Technologies and Lyrid partner to deliver multi-cloud Serverless solutions

Document scanning efficiency with serverless technology from P3ID Technologies and Lyrid.

Online PR News – 22-May-2021 – SILICON VALLEY, CA – P3iD Technologies, Inc. and Lyrid, two cloud-first innovative companies, are pleased to announce a partnership to offer multi-cloud serverless architectures for software developers and production workloads.

“As a founding principal of P3iD’s business, portability and interoperability have always been key considerations.”, said Kevin Neal, CEO of P3iD Technologies. “For this reason, we are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Lyrid, which will allow the expanding ecosystem of P3iD software development and production workload clients the ability to operate their cloud environments without any vendor-specific dependencies.”

As part of the partnership between P3iD and Lyrid, the companies have already begun work on a joint development effort to modernize an existing open-source software development project for a document scanning use case. The companies also plan to offer unique ‘developer specials’ where fully operational environments for special projects will be available as complimentary or significantly reduced costs so that software developers can experience the simplicity of serverless for themselves.

“Lyrid’s serverless is the ideal complement for P3iD’s business with their focus on accelerating the software development cycle.”, said Handoyo Sutanto, CEO of Lyrid. “Frequently, with traditional server-based software development projects, too much time and money are wasted on setting up the environment. Valuable coding skills are under-utilized for this mundane work, causing projects to overrun budgets and not getting to market. With Lyrid serverless, software development projects can begin within minutes. We can save valuable time, money, and resources to get applications to market quickly and efficiently.”

Some of the benefits of P3iD/Lyrid serverless include:
• Multi-platform, code once, and operate on any infrastructure platform
• Quick deployment of development, test, and production cloud environments
• Reduce development costs by mimicking live servers without the expense
• Eliminate the risk of vendor lock-in by designing a cloud-independent application

To get started with P3iD/Lyrid Serverless, visit https://p3idtech.com/tap for process automation projects or https://lyrid.io for serverless projects.

About P3iD Technologies, Inc.
P3iD Technologies develops and integrates an extensible modular platform for capturing, extracting, and storing documents and data. The company focuses on a modern approach to innovative business process automation solutions. P3iD maintains a strong emphasis on security by integrating patent-pending identity management and encryption technologies. Your organization’s success is our success. For more information, visit https://p3idtech.com, call us at 408-785-2005, or email media@p3idtech.com.

About Lyrid, Inc
Lyrid is a cloud platform that enables users to develop, distribute and manage cloud-native applications and services effectively by utilizing native serverless technologies from all public cloud vendors. Our platform wraps serverless functions that can then be flexibly deployed on any cloud platform, without being locked into a specific cloud vendor (like Amazon Web Service Lambda (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform Cloud Run (GCP). The Lyrid platform allows users to create their codebase without a public cloud signature, which can then be uploaded into the Lyrid platform where it is analyzed, packed, and remotely built into different built artifacts that can be deployed on any cloud platform. Contact us at hello@lyrid.io to learn more.