Frontline Cleaners to Be Given Covid-19 Pandemic Bonus

In Singapore, cleaners are being rewarded for their work during the pandemic with a bonus worth almost USD $1 million

Online PR News – 21-May-2021 – Cleveland, OH – There have been many heroes during this pandemic. There are, of course, the doctors and nurses who have worked tirelessly, putting their lives on the line to treat people who have become infected. There are all the police officers trying to maintain order in implementing sudden and draconian government policies. Then there are the public transport drivers, the social care workers, and the teachers. All of them have had a harder job than ever keeping society healthy and functioning.

However, one group that is often overlooked is the cleaners. This is a job that isn’t highly regarded, often being low paid and considered of little importance. Yet at a time when deep disinfection has been key to preventing deaths, we need our cleaners. Every time they touch a dirty surface, they’re putting their lives at risk. They’re doing that to keep the rest of us safe.

In Singapore, where the pandemic has been kept under control largely due to the country’s commitment to the highest hygiene standards, cleaners are being rewarded. One cleaning company has offered up bonuses totaling almost USD $1 million. This will show cleaners how much they are valued for their service during this most challenging of years.

While other countries are failing to even pay their nurses an adequate wage, Singapore is leading the way by giving the lowest-paid workers a little boost. It’s the least they can do when these people have worked so hard in the most difficult of circumstances. We can no longer see cleaning jobs as unimportant or not worth valuing.

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Of course, many businesses have fallen on hard times during the pandemic. However, some sectors have seen their sales grow and have actually managed to turn a larger profit during this difficult time. One of those sectors is the cleaning industry. If such a brand has seen more business and increased profit margins, then rather than keeping that at the top, why not redistribute it to the cleaners who are doing the work?
This positive news comes at a time when much of the news is wholly negative. However, it’s just one small example of the right thing being done. If we learn anything from this pandemic, it should be which members of society are truly valuable. Historically, nurses, cleaners, and bus drivers have been undervalued. This is the perfect chance to give these key workers a wage boost.

Source: B Positive Now