Leafchair Introduces New Line of Hanging Chairs

All leaf chairs come with the option of suspending it from a stand. These stands are made of stainless steel tubes that are robust in their build.

Online PR News – 24-May-2021 – Llangollen, Wales – The Rupert Oliver leaf chair is a beautiful amalgamation of fanciful imagination and practicality. It takes an imaginative genius to create a futuristic design. This chair is a design conceived in the 1960s when London underwent a creative boom. Yet its lines are in sync with the modern trends of minimalistic designs in monochromes. Such was the creative genius and foresight of its creator that these leaf chairs, today, command a very loyal following.

Every person owning this chair has a story associated with it; one that is replete with beautiful memories made over the years, one that weaves a beautiful dream for a future and one that is so beautiful that reminiscing will always bring a smile to the face.

The LeafChair is also associated with balance. Its swinging and suspension are based on the laws of equilibrium. This sense of equilibrium is transmitted to anyone who sits on the chair. A sense of hope pervades their soul thereby enabling many a tired soul to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of failures to carve out a blazing path of success.

Yet the chair is humble in its origins. It is made from premium materials yet the makers do not boast about its strength and solidity. The steel frames of this chair have been handcrafted to order in North Wales while its covers are made using marine grade canvas or cowhide saddle leather in the North West of England. The fact that the Rupert Oliver leaf chair is an English masterpiece cannot be denied.

They are black and white. The thermoplastic powder used to coat the steel frames is polyethylene copolymer. These make the frames perfect for use both indoors and outdoors as:

- They offer excellent solvent resistance, especially to water
- They have outstanding resistance to the elements and changes in weather
- They are exceptionally resistant to wear and tear
- They show superlative UV stability

Additionally, this thermoplastic coating is also responsible for increasing the aesthetics of the leaf chair. They offer the perfect backdrop to bring out the elegance of the original design and give it a contemporary twist thereby enhancing interior spaces with a dramatic design.

The covers of this Classic hanging chair are either made from handcrafted marine-grade canvas or premium quality saddle leather made from 2.8mm thick cowhides. Both covers are embellished with polished eyelets, trims, braids etc. The canvas colour choice depends on the user while the leather cover is traditionally vegetable tanned using eco-friendly methods.

All leaf chairs come with the option of suspending it from a stand. These stands are made of stainless steel tubes that are robust in their build. They have been given a powder-coated finish. While these stands are not meant for outdoor use, they can securely and safely suspend the leaf chair making it look like a drop of pearl suspended from a necklace.

The extraordinary perfection imparted to the Rupert Oliver leaf chair by its makers has set a fine example in comfort and elegance. The Interior design chair has a charm that is difficult to ignore. It draws people as the design indicates the peaceful relaxation it offers.

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