6 Chicks Doing Business Adds 6 New Woman Owned And Operated Businesses To Its Portfolio

6 Chicks Doing Business is a company run by a group of six smart and strong woman entrepreneurs who came together to steamroll the Northeast Florida market.

Online PR News – 20-May-2021 – Jacksonville, FL – 6 Chicks Doing Business: A New Woman-Owned and Operated Business Is Taking Jacksonville by Storm.

Women in the twenty-first century have broken down all social barriers and virtually left their mark in every professional sphere imaginable, including medicine, sports, military, music, and media. Entrepreneurship is no exception—the world is no longer inundated with male entrepreneurs. Women-owned enterprises are now on the rise, and many women reach the zenith of success in a traditionally male-dominated business world. 6 Chicks Doing Business is one such enterprise.

6 Chicks Doing Business is not your run-of-the-mill business.

6 Chicks Doing Business, as the name suggests, is a company run by a group of six smart and strong women. These six entrepreneurs have stepped outside of their comfort bubble to start a venture and steamroll the Northeast Florida market. When a single woman can take on the world, people should expect this business to have six times the power and prosperity.

This Jacksonville-based company is undeniably a game-changer because it is a product of a collaborative effort by these six women, each of whom owns her own business individually. So, 6 Chicks Doing Business is a mash-up of six different businesses.

What are these different businesses?

Pure Essential Oils, freshly extracted from plants, are available at 6 Chicks Doing Business. So, for those who want to buy essential oils to relieve stress, get a good night's sleep, or repel insects, this is the place to stop by.

Karalynn's Kollections, one of the six businesses, sells pre-made crochet items. For people who want to buy an infinity scarf for themselves or a crocheted hat for their kid, this can be the go-to place. Besides selling pre-made crochet items and crochet accessories, Karalynn also provides informative and insightful knitting and Crochet Lessons.

Sherri's Nursery is yet another business that has collaborated with the other five. Sherri sells a variety of dolls that would be ideal for entertaining kids.

Six Chicks Consignment, another business that has joined these five, sells various pre-owned and antique items, including vintage jewelry, home décor items, bags, and purses.

Finally, Christine, a seamstress with her own business called Christine's Custom Threads, has gotten involved in this collaboration. She is an expert in hemming and tatting. She will also gladly teach tatting and sewing to any interested candidates.

About 6 Chicks Doing Business

From crocheter and seamstress to massage therapist and consignee, you can find women from different walks of life come together at 6 Chicks Doing Business. Regardless of their industrial differences, these six ladies have readily united to give birth to their masterpiece business.


Address: 514 Edgewood Ave S, Jacksonville, FL 32205, United States

Phone: (904) 524-8472 & (904) 674-3727 | Website: https://six-chicks-doing-business.com

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