EmpMonitor Announced More Advanced Server And Application Monitoring Solutions For the Businesses

With some striking improvement in the server and application monitoring features, EmpMonitor sets up captivating features for companies operating out there.

Online PR News – 16-May-2021 – Bengaluru, Karnataka – EmpMonitor, the leading conqueror user activity monitoring and analysis software, has announced a more leveled up server and application tracking solutions for small to large-sized businesses. Well, this excellent software allows companies to track web, FTB servers, mail, database availability and provides a wide range of employee tracking services that are rarely found in other traditional solutions.

IT teams at the small to large-sized companies are constantly tasked to do more or with less. They need more enhanced insight into the health of their networks, but they must do so in a cost-effective manner that does not necessitate the deployment of additional IT resources, said the head at EmpMonitor.

The robust software, EmpMonitor's server, and application tracking have been designed to make the IT lives much easier. EmpMonitor has reduced the complexity by automating server tracking processes and making it easier for users to install, configure, and use the software.

EmpMonitor lets users gain insights into the recent top 10 applications used by them within a single click. The software can analyze the applications used by the employees in the past 180 days. Also, managers can adjust the dates accordingly. Being an open-source application tracking software to experience the 15 days free trial for up to 05 years.

Key Features Of EmpMonitor:

1. Users can get a complete detailed report on the company's productivity workflows with the help of the software's graphics.

2. Screenshots are captured in real-time automatically. With this, companies can keep an eye on the employee's activities and can keep all the data secured.

3. EmpMonitor provides reports about the productive and non-productive employees.

4. If the employees are sitting idle and not working during office hours, companies can directly track them and take strict action against them.

5. The software supports both Windows and Linux operating systems.

About EmpMonitor:

When it comes to tracking employees' activities and managing them accordingly, EmpMonitor has always been the best. Known as the leading software among all, EmpMonitor works perfectly and comes with excellent features. The software shows the most useful information while all the detailed analysis gets done in the background. Further, if you want to know about the software in detail, then do visit: https://empmonitor.com/