HappiMynd Launched for Positively Impacting Emotional & Mental Wellbeing in India

HappiMynd brings affordable, accessible and reliable services for mental wellbeing.

Online PR News – 12-May-2021 – Gurgaon, Haryana – HappiMynd brings affordable, accessible and reliable services for mental wellbeing.

• Starting the conversation around mental wellness as part of overall wellness
• Attractive services for individuals and corporates
• Amit Rathi, the founder of HappiMynd, featured on Big FM
• Launching new affordable and accessible products

Gurugram, May 9th 2021: HappiMynd has launched with the motive to create awareness around Mental Wellness and take steps towards preventing any life-altering emotional issues. The venture is the fruit of years of hard work. The team has been working on it since 2019 with a keen interest in enhancing the overall wellbeing of people in India. Overall wellbeing is the product of emotional and physical wellbeing. HappiMynd aims to bring this to the forefront and provide safe, effective and reliable services that can enhance mental wellness and help people to thrive. Founded by a very balanced team of Amit Rathi, Dr. Neeraj Tripathi and Ravikant Suman, HappiMynd is poised to touch the grassroot level of issue and look at eradicating age old stigmas.

On the 22nd of April 2021, Amit Rathi was invited by BIG FM to talk about his ground-breaking ideas behind this innovative mental wellness platform. The interviewer also asked him to share a few simple steps that can help the listeners to sail through the pandemic. Amit gave three tips to the listeners. He said, “First, people should take up a hobby and enjoy as a family. It will lift positive feelings like team spirit. Second, if you are not feeling good, you should talk to someone. It can be anyone; your friend, a family member or there are various online platforms where you can vent out your feelings. Third, look around yourself. If you feel that someone is stressed or notice any behavioural changes, you should listen to them or advise them to take help.”

HappiMynd is a unique digital product designed to meet the mental wellness needs of the people in our contemporary world. The platform offers a comprehensive five-stage solution based on Awareness, Prevention, Early Detection, Self-Management and Therapeutic Treatment. The services include HappiLIFE, HappiCHAT, HappiAPP, HappiTALK and HappiSPACE.

HappiLIFE is the first stage of the journey towards mental wellness and largely focused on Awareness. It is a globally validated screening summary that explains various facets of the user’s personality after a series of questions answered by them.

HappiCHAT is the second stage and focuses on the Prevention of psychological issues. It is a self-help content library with chat support offered by our experts.

HappiAPP is the third stage and mostly deals in the Early Detection of emotional problems. It is a hundred per cent confidential, anonymous, secure, researched and evidence-based self-help app. It is powered by Thrive. The app is currently being used by 3.8 million users in 2800+ organizations.

HappiTALK is the fourth stage and all about self-management of mental wellness. It is a safe and confidential online counseling service that is affordable and reliable.

HappiSPACE is an exclusive product for organizations and corporations focused on therapeutic management. It can be easily customized as per the emotional well-being of the employees, patrons and scholars.

The services are also available for people who want to register with the website as ‘Individuals’. They can choose the services as per their need.

Launch of the New Product Line

HappiMynd has recently launched affordable products for corporations or organizations as a response to Covid-19. The new product line includes Group Webinars and Individual Support Plan.

Group Webinars will be conducted by senior corporate psychologists. Inputs will be sought from the management to customize the communication as per the needs of the organization. Vernacular sessions across regions will also be offered if needed. The discussion will revolve around ‘Mental Wellbeing during Covid’ or any other topic that is motivational or therapeutic.

Individual Support Plan is for employees who want something more substantial than group sessions and exercises. This Capsule Program revolves around psychoeducation and developing techniques for taking care of self. Two sessions will be provided to each employee at a very affordable price of ?999/-.

The sessions will be given by experienced psychologists who are specially trained to deal with the issues related to the pandemic.

The participants of both the programs will also get a free self-screening support tool and access to chat support.

About HappiMynd -

HappiMynd is an online platform built with an aim to create awareness and provide comprehensive support to people seeking emotional and psychological wellness. We offer a unique 5 stage solution based on Awareness, Prevention, Early Detection, Self-Management and Therapeutic Treatment for Mental Wellness and related issues through positive aspects of psychology before they become life-alerting.

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