SERCONS Invested 4 Billion Rubbles in the Testing Area to Obtain Certificates of Conformity

A unique testing laboratory SERCONS

Online PR News – 11-May-2021 – Switzerland – A unique testing laboratory has been established in Chekhov, near Moscow. To be more precise, it is the largest centre in the territory of the EACU, accredited for testing in accordance with thirty-one technical regulations.

Extreme Event Zone

Mysterious phenomena occur 24/7 on Simferopol highway 2 in Chekhov. Here they burn fire protective suits with labels of the largest oil and gas companies in a hellish flame. Other protective suits are subjects to chainsaw. The sneakers of the world's largest brands are trampled to shreds. Wonderful new cars are smashed against a wall and their radiators fall out to the ground. And only the robot "Newton" calmly watches the nightmare happening around, writing the magazine "Profile".

Iron "Newton" has just tested another respirator, inhaled carbon dioxide, but survived. This is the only robot in the CIS that completely simulates the human life system. Since 2017 SERCONS has invested over 4 billion rubbles in the unique equipment of its unusual laboratory “PromMashTest”.

“PromMashTest” in Chekhov, near Moscow, is the largest multi-profile testing centre in the CIS countries, covering an area of more than 20 thousand m2. It includes 19 accredited laboratories and 3 thousand units of testing and measuring equipment. In 2020, the centre tested 23 thousand samples of various products.

The laboratories of the centre use 10 500 test methods for low-voltage equipment (LVD), explosion-proof equipment (ATEX), machinery, motor vehicles and automotive components, consumer goods, furniture, toys, goods for children and adolescents, personal protective equipment (PPE), attractions and playgrounds, products and much more.

«Full cycle» strategy

Every industrial product is a subject to chemical, hygienic, toxic, mechanical, and many other tests before it reaches the hands and homes of customers. Refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines are completely stripped down to the printed circuit boards. Thousands of components are X-rayed, shoes and clothing are tested for seam strength, abrasion, permeability, heat protection, desiccation, etc.

The demand for universality and a full range of services in the field of testing, examination and certification appeared long ago. Nowadays, 20 SERCONS testing laboratories are the largest in Russia and the newest and grandest one is “PromMashTest”. Most of the goods and equipment subject to certification is covered by SERCONS. Moreover, unlike the vast majority of certification market participants, here the tests are carried out in its own laboratories. In terms of quality, speed, and price and, of course, trust it is very important.

24 divisions of SERCONS around the world have issued about 25 thousand certificates of conformity over 25 years of operation. Most of the market needs are covered by the full cycle of services provided.

Regulatory “guillotine” for certification bodies

Since the end of 2020, Rosaccreditation has closed or suspended the work of dozens of testing laboratories following 10 large-scale inspections. The Federal service was not satisfied with the quality of their testing equipment. A massive sweep of unscrupulous players is underway.

Up to 50% of companies have already disappeared from the testing and certification market. Therefore, the last couple of years are called the time of the regulatory «guillotine» for certification bodies and testing laboratories.

According to the official data of the Rosaccreditation portal for 2020, 81,000 certificates of conformity have been registered. This means that new products continue entering the market of Russia and the Customs Union. New certificates are issued or old ones are updated. But even with such a variety of certification bodies, it is still hard to find a high-quality laboratory. The existing product certification procedure is outdated. No automation tools for the collaboration between customers, certification bodies and testing laboratories are used. Moreover, the market, Rosaccreditation, and the entire Russian economy require new approaches.

Artjom Mironov, Managing Director of SERCONS International, says:

SERCONS is a unique company in Europe. Our goal is to be presented in the key markets worldwide, to assist each producer in their home country and explain the certification process in their mother tongue. At this point SERCONS has its own subsidiaries in Switzerland, Turkey, Italy, Germany and China since 2020. As a pioneer, we take the responsibility to let the international producers have the same opportunities of getting TR CU/EAC Certification as a producer in Russia – affordable, fast and without bureaucracy. All this is possible since SERCONS is an accredited body with the largest net of laboratories around Russia working on its own, without any intermediates.

Sergey Shklyaev, Head of the Department of Trade Restrictions, Currency and Export Control of the Federal Customs Service, adds:

"Nowadays, almost 90 percent of all import permits are documents of compliance. At the same time, the service of cooperation with Rosaccreditation works at almost 99.8% efficiency with the provision of informative answers. We evaluate a high-quality process of interaction organized between two federal bodies, allowing minimizing number of requests of any documents from participants in foreign economic activities"

The high level of cooperation mentioned by the representative of the Customs Department is ensured primarily by the activities of modern multi-disciplinary certification bodies. Such as SERCONS.

Alexey Filatchev, General Director of «PromMashTest»:

"Certification of conformity is a specific industry. However, we're going to surprise the market. In the near future, we will create an entire ecosystem that will automate all processes and optimize communication between the three parties: customer, certification body and testing laboratory. Attempts at digitalization and automation are just beginning. And in the near future, there will be virtual tests and 3D models of factories. Imagine, instead of physically going to the factory, the expert will put on VR glasses and travel around the 3D model, and virtual samples will be tested in the laboratories. We already have a microbiological laboratory in Moscow, where about half of the tests can be carried out without human participation. The engineer only starts the process, and the equipment spends days testing samples. The dream of Electronics comes true: robots work hard, not people."

“Single Window” Certification

An oil rig, an automobile plant or even a single pastry chef who makes author's desserts and has decided not to sell them only on Instagram, need certification to make money. However, does everyone has possibility to go to Moscow, look for a reliable laboratory, spend time and money?

Small "craft" businessmen, like many others, need a laboratory within walking distance.

Ihsan Bozkurt, founder and owner of the SERCONS Group of companies, says:

"Another cool project that I want to implement: SERCONSLab – an all-Russian network of laboratories that will test products, cosmetics, dishes, restaurants – all over the country. All cities will have sampling facilities and a super professional laboratory in the city centre. “Single window” certification? No, it is not fiction. Nobody in Russia makes more than 3-4 services in the field of certification, but we offer more than 600. Bare numbers, of course. However, there are real people behind it.

At a time when the certification and testing procedure for a product was confined to producers, are inevitably outdated. The new ethic of consumption requires that every user/consumer can test it personally. There is going to be plenty of smart and pervasive consumers believing buying whatsoever is not safe. Perhaps personal examinations will become a trend. In addition, the availability of laboratories is likely to change the configuration of the consumer market and increase competition. Both the manufacturer and the consumer will understand that test of the quality, safety and properties of any product will become absolutely transparent and accessible to everyone."

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