Global TPM Podcast Finishes its First Season

After releasing weekly podcasts since January 2021, Tech People Markets- a global, tech podcast- has completed its first season.

Online PR News – 10-May-2021 – London – After releasing weekly podcasts since January 2021, Tech People Markets- a global, tech podcast- has completed its first season.

Inside the world of tech

TPM- Tech People Markets- is a Global Podcast, designed to focus on Tech of the past, present and future, the people behind the brands, organisations and developments, and the inside scoop of the markets they operate in. Created by Sean Price- CEO of Velez Managed Services, a Global Third-Party Maintenance Provider, the TPM Podcast has hosted members of some of the largest companies in the Tech Industry, and has started to venture out into other markets, inviting guests from all over the globe.
Tech People Markets has released weekly episodes for the majority of 2021 and has announced they will be taking a break after finishing their first season, complete with 13 episodes. The podcast host, Sean Price, covers topics relating to each guest, covering mental health, technology throughout the years, business and entrepreneurship, work- life balance and even some controversial stories, allowing each episode to be unique to the guest starring.

What we saw in Season 1

Season one, consisting of 13 episodes- each close to an hour long- brought us guests from the tech industry, such as Dwight Strayer, Steve Studley and Todd Bone, Members of the Velez Team such as Dan Orton and marketing extraordinariness such as Andrew Scott. In the last month alone, Sean covered topics such as how apprenticeships are rising in popularity and what this means for a business, redundancy, discrimination in the workplace in addition to outside of work, and much more. The podcast is known for covering controversial, hard to talk about topics, as well as being light-hearted, with a chatty and easy going vibe.
Having risen in popularity since the start of 20021, the TPM Podcast targets audiences across the globe, inviting guests from multiple continents and recording online- abiding to government guidelines about staying safe from Covid-19. Despite the pandemic, the TPM Podcast has consistent content released weekly, recording hour long episodes for its listeners, as well as Tik-Tok clips, highlights reels on YouTube to show the “Best Bits”- or spoilers depending on which you watch first- and promotions on LinkedIn by Sean himself. The multi-media released by the TPM Team allows listeners to gain an inside scoop before listening to the podcast itself, almost premiering the podcast before it is released.

Not gone for long

After announcing they are taking a short break following the end of season 1, the TPM team have announced it wont be long before they are back for season 2, featuring more guests and venturing out into some different industries for new guests. Their audience has been told to expect exciting new topics, as well as some unexpected speakers, all whilst continuing the weekly schedule, uploading on a Friday. Having a team behind the TPM Podcasts entirely within Velez, the TPM podcast has brought a different, more unique light to the Managed Services Sector, and allowed more people to learn about IT- which before was daunting and too “techy”.
“As we begin to come towards some degree of normality again, it is crucial that we not act in a way which is insular or be thinking small - for any of us - not only in business but employees too. We must together look ahead, further afield than our local communities for both inspiration but also a common mindset that will help us to rebuild our global economy yes, but also our lives”- Sean Price, CEO of Velez Managed Services.
Not only has the podcast enabled communities and different people come together in a global pandemic, but it has also brought a new, modern, and fun side to the IT Sector, which was unseen before, bringing the world of Managed Services to light for many. It will be interesting to see who will feature on season two of the TPM Podcast as it is clear to see host Sean Price has lots of new episodes lined up already.
To listen to episodes featured in season one, visit Podcast - Break fix, Managed IT Services | Velez ( , or look for “The TPM Podcast” on any streaming platform.