Fairway Capital Investments to invest into rapidly-growing Green Bonds sector

Fairway Capital Investments today announced it make a significant investment by the end of the year into the rapidly growing Green Bonds sector.

Online PR News – 06-May-2021 – CHUO-KU/TOKYO – Green Bonds are fixed income securities which are designed to raise capital to finance the low carbon environment and this sector has grown significantly in the last few years and Fairway Capital Investments will be building on its existing Green Bonds portfolio which currently stands at around US$40m across a wide range of asset classes.

Fairway Capital Investments’ Chief Financial Officer commented on the Green Bonds investment saying "The world is turning into a more and more eco-friendly and environmentally friendly place and innovation and social imperatives come together to create something exciting that has the potential to make a real difference for the planet and the rapidly growing Green Bond sector is a powerful example of this."

Fairway Capital Investments’ Chief Financial Officer also added "The participation of strategic investors in the Green Bonds market will continue to bring scale and diversity to the market and help mobilise more capital for climate-friendly projects. Our financial analysts have determined that at the current rate of growth, the total Green Bonds market could surpass US$70 billion by the end of this year, three times the size in 2020 of US$23 billion.

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