Direct Asset Partners to invest in Singaporean Asset Management company

Direct Asset Partners today announced that it will make a significant investment into a Singaporean Private Asset Management company and expand its services.

Online PR News – 06-May-2021 – SHINJUKU-KU – Direct Asset Partners will be teaming up with the Singaporean Asset Management company and will be able to offer a wide range of specialist investment services to domestic mainland Singaporean clients as demand for diversifying assets are on the rise.

Direct Asset Partners will be able to broker and trade in A-listed shares and convertible bonds and open doors of a vast array of asset classes to high-net worth Singaporeans.

Direct Asset Partners’ Chief Financial Officer commented on the announcement saying "Singapore has been a very important area of investment for us and with this timely investment, we are entering into an exciting new chapter for Direct Asset Partners in Singapore. Together with our partners, we are looking forward to building one of the leading offshore investment firms in the Asia Pacific Region.”

About Us - Direct Asset Partners

Direct Asset Partners came together in the mid-1980’s, aiming to invest in growth businesses and to work closely with their managements, to achieve the full development of each company. We have worked together in pursuit of this goal, for over 30 years.

From the start, we have developed a strategy of collective decision-making and shared governance that, we think, is a key element in our success, in attracting and retaining the professionals whose experience makes the Direct Asset Partners perspective so special.

Over the years, we have built up wide expertise and network connections with consumer products and retail industries, communications and technology sectors, and in the energy and materials markets. As a firm, we have made over 115 investments in companies, beginning in 1984 with our investments in Microsoft, Coca Cola and Nintendo.

We have maintained a flexible approach to investment, allowing us to generate value in many ways, such as helping build a leading semiconductor manufacturer, to the privatization of utility companies and supporting growth in the renewable energy industry. We regularly consider investments in a variety of sectors, and from startups to multinational conglomerates, while continuing to address investments in our key areas of expertise.