New Book Series Raises Awareness of Sex Trafficking as NY Judge Dismisses All Prostitution Cases

As New York Dismisses 6,000 All Prostitution Cases, What Will Happen to The Underground Sex Trafficking Industry?

Online PR News – 03-May-2021 – New York, NY – As the future of the sex trafficking industry is currently unknown in America, one author is bringing attention to the issue with a new series of books.

“I wanted to bring awareness to the issue of sex trafficking, but at the same time tell a great story. I believe that the The ECP Securities series accomplishes both.” says Annie Miller, author the award-winning Ellison-Clark Paramilitary Securities Series. “But it’s important readers remember that this is a work of fiction.”

“The protagonist, Ivy Brooks, is a victim of sexual abuse by her stepfather, whom you discover in Poison Ivy is also the ringleader in the sex trafficking ring. She is actually an undercover CIA operative, who is tracking the ringleader, but she doesn't know it's her stepfather until later.”

All 4 books in the series are available for free with Amazon Unlimited.

Unravel, Book 3 in the ECP Securities series, comes out May 11, 2021, where the story continues.
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