A Tech Services Company Executes Millions in Contracts by Utilizing Nearshore Outsourcing

A Minnesota tech services company leverages nearshore partnership with ParallelStaff to expand services and capture over $17 million in new contracts.

Online PR News – 02-May-2021 – Minneapolis, Minnesota – A mid-sized tech services company focused on Microsoft solutions implementation and software engineering staffing recently garnered massive increases in contracts after partnering with nearshore staff augmentation company ParellelStaff. The client was previously unable to maintain adequate expert staff levels to provide adequate specialized services for implementation projects for their national client base. After partnering with ParallelStaff for nearshore software outsourcing through Latin America, they were able to build expert teams from nearshore engineers. These engineers were able to work in concert with domestic engineers working with the company to form a permanent talent solution. The augmented staff capacity has allowed them to continue to provide top-notch service to their clients and to acquire over $17 million in new contracts.

The engineers from México and Argentina are hard workers and always purposeful real team players said Ryan Williams technical lead of the technical services company.

Prior to working with ParallelStaff, the Minneapolis company had experimented with outsourcing through India. Though they found the staffing results helpful to maintain strong collaborative teams of experts, logistics challenges and time differences made it apparent that this type of outsourcing was not a permanent solution. After beginning to work with ParallelStaff, the company was able to quickly connect with several expert engineers in Mexico and Latin America. The company immediately found that they could rely on the expertise and work ethic of Latin American software engineers to produce results alongside their own team in the US.

These engineers provided priceless work and collaborative efforts to the company's team, without the logistical hassle of a half-day time difference. "The engineers from México and Argentina are hard workers and always purposeful, real team players," said Ryan Williams, technical lead of the technical services company. The company found that the nearshore software development engineers were comfortable working with others in English, and were excellent collaborative partners in real-time to the US-based engineers.

Through ParellelStaff's help with nearshore staff augmentation, the company was able to serve all its customers without compromising quality or timeline. The resulting productive capacity increase of the company has since gained them a large amount of new business, including a major $12m services contract and a new $5m services contract. The company is extremely pleased with the results ParallelStaff was able to produce. "ParallelStaff has been great at providing quality IT talent for every open position we got from our clients," said Mike Harrison, COO of the technical services company.

ParallelStaff is a company that provides nearshore outsourcing solutions connecting a community of over 50,000 software development experts in Latin America with domestic companies through four North American locations headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

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