reTyre and Panthera have Launched Traction, a Detachable Wheelchair Tyre Cover

reTyre and Panthera launch Traction, a detachable wheelchair tyre cover that provides fantastic grip on uneven and slippery roads, easily mounted in.

Online PR News – 30-April-2021 – Oslo, Norway – Norwegian start-up reTyre, known for their modular bicycle tyres that allow users to zip on and off different treads (named “skins”) such as gravel and winter treads in seconds, has developed the ground-breaking reTyre Traction - a fully detachable wheelchair tyre tread.

Together with Panthera AB, a Swedish manufacturer of the world’s lightest wheelchairs, they are now launching reTyre Traction globally! reTyre Traction is a unique tyre tread that provides stable grip not only on snow, but also on soft, wet, and slippery surfaces and on sand and gravel. As always with reTyre, the users can easily mount or detach the tread themselves in a matter of seconds. Unlike the bicycle variant that uses zippers as means of attachment, reTyre Traction is fastened with Velcro.

Low rolling resistance is among the most important attributes for the majority of active wheelchair users, both indoors and outdoors. The result is that most wheelchair tyres are designed with minimal tread. This type of design makes it challenging to get around on terrain that is wet, slippery, and loose - not to mention, almost impossible on snow. While rough-patterned tyres made specifically for these tough surfaces do exist, having to change between two sets of wheels comes with many disadvantages as it requires knowing/planning routes in advance, having time and space for the wheel change, and the not-so-mobile solution leaves little space for flexibility and everyday surprises.

reTyre Traction addresses these challenges by offering a unique, detachable, rough-patterned tyre tread that the user mounts on top of the existing tyre in a matter of seconds, providing users with instant grip and safety. Traction is lightweight, compact, easy to carry, and can be mounted or removed in seconds, without assistance or tools.

Panthera has ensured global distribution rights for reTyre Traction and will be the point of contact for anyone that is interested in the product. Already prior to launch, local distributors, wholesalers, and individual wheelchair users from the companies’ respective home markets and foreign markets such as Canada, Spain, Australia, Germany, Japan and France, Poland, and many more, have pre-ordered the innovation.

Panthera founder, Jalle Jungnell, states that "The reason why we seized the opportunity to work with reTyre is that this product makes life so much easier for me as a wheelchair user. I used to have 2 wheelchairs - one for indoor use and one for outdoor, but with reTyre Traction I can always use one wheelchair and still be prepared for changing conditions and weather. This advantage I would love to share with wheelchair users around the world, and as a distributor and wheelchair producer we have the possibility to make that happen."

"Panthera is in the forefront of innovation on wheelchairs and with our innovative modular tyre systems, we knew that the two companies were a perfect match when we entered into a partnership in 2018. After 3 years of development and continuous feedback loops from wheelchair users around the world, reTyre Traction is now launched after being optimized to perfection. Basically, we have invented the shoe for wheelchairs," - says Alexander Gjendem Gjorven, COO and Co-founder at reTyre. "We look forward to supporting wheelchair users' mobility by providing a fantastic grip on uneven surfaces and on snowy roads with a Skin that is easily mounted in 30 seconds with no tools required. I can think of no better distribution partner than Panthera to bring reTyre Traction out to wheelchair users around the globe."

reTyre Traction offers:

- Quick and easy tyre tread change

- Safety and stability on slippery surfaces (snow, mud, etc.)

- Better grip and stability on loose surfaces (such as grass and gravel)

- More freedom and flexibility (compact and easy-to-carry, the user is always ready for changing conditions)

- Extra puncture protection (the extra layer of rubber in the tyre tread protects the tube in the original tyre)

- Easier and cleaner outdoor/indoor transitions (using Traction outdoors to keep your inner tire clean for indoors)

- Easy mounting/detaching with Velcro fastener

reTyre Traction is currently available for rear wheels 24", suitable for all 24*1 tyres with a circumference of 1885 mm (+/-10mm).

Traction is available at
For distribution inquiries, contact: or your local agent.

reTyre is a Norwegian company with a vision to bring sustainability to the tyre industry. reTyre is dedicated to bringing forward innovative tyre solutions and challenge what a tire is, can and should do. reTyre has disrupted the bicycle tyre market by introducing the world’s first -modular- bicycle tyre. The tyres come with detachable & interchangeable tyre treads. The unique and patented zip-on technology has been recognized and supported by several major European research funds, awarded several prestigious awards and seals of excellence and today, reTyre has been recognized globally, with thousands of satisfied users and presence in some of the largest sports chains and in the homes of e-bike users across Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Greenland, Austria, Japan, France, South-Korea, Canada and the United-Kingdom.

Panthera AB, a manufacturer of the world's lightest wheelchairs designs, manufactures and sells active wheelchairs for adults and children, focusing on user-friendliness, quality and low weight. Panthera designs are based on making wheelchairs that enable the user to be as active, mobile and independent as possible. Panthera AB today manufactures and distributes wheelchairs and other orthopedic mobility assistance equipment, parts, and service. The Company is a leading distributor to healthcare providers, clinics, and durable medical equipment outlets throughout Sweden and internationally.

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