Increasing Demand for Thermal Cameras to Detect COVID-19

VMukti AI-based Cloud Thermal Camera offers a complete solution to secure people from COVID-19.

Online PR News – 29-April-2021 – Ahmedabad, Gujarat – VMukti- An India-based security service provider and manufacturer company has launched its entire range of Thermal camera. The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus and this pandemic globally has led to a huge challenge to national resources and a race to adapt existing and modifying technologies to innovate and deploy them. 

The use of VMukti Thermal imaging cameras has come into the spotlight, with sales of thermal security cameras increasing drastically and gaining immense popularity among consumers of distinguished sectors. Recently, the company’s thermal imaging cameras are currently being highlighted for their utmost potential to protect employees and each individual in both public and private places. Each range of thermal camera has slightly different capabilities and usage models, but all eventually aim to measure body temperature and alert possible victims infected by the virus using the consequent reading to prevent the spread of covid-19.

The technology used by the company’s technicians is associated with Infrared sensors that are electronic components used in thermal cameras that detect infrared light radiating from an object's surface in their field of view. These detectors can also sense motion and help in measuring the heat emitted by various objects that is the accurate temperature of an object that can be detected. The eminent benefits attached to the infrared sensors are lightweight and affordability which have invited tremendous growth opportunities across the world in these tough times.

VMukti offers a complete preventive solution to safeguard people, the surface, and surroundings from COVID-19. Integrated with AI-based Cloud Thermal Camera for contactless body temperature measurement in your premises. Using a Thermal camera for fever detection is the ideal solution for fever detection during this covid scenario. 

You can easily eliminate the risks involved in direct physical contact for measuring temperature and ensure the safety of every individual. The cameras are powered by advanced AI technology and body temperature measurement technology to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your security systems. 

Some of its eminent features are-

Body temperature measurement
Mask detection
Face recognition
Flexible deployment & installation options
AI & ML algorithms integration
Easy enrollment work
Full protection of premises
Contactless screening of individuals
Maintain records of employees and visitors
Safe access to disabled & indigenous people

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