The Cryptocurrency Token $Munch that Supports Charity, has Donated over $750k

A new digital currency that supports community-chosen charitable causes has been launched.

Online PR News – 29-April-2021 – Singapore – A new digital currency that supports community-chosen charitable causes has been launched. New crypto currency $MUNCH, Dominates the Donation Token Model Redefining “Charity” in DeFi bite back and distributes this to charities and as rewards to its members. The fee obtained from transactions is usually kept by the organization arranging it. With Munch however it is distributed evenly between its holders and an accredited charitable cause that is decided on by its community every month.

$Munch works on decentralized tokenomics where the funds are not stored in any wallet owned by the company. The distribution has been automated and programmed in such a way that at the point of transaction, the trust-less transactions are all recorded in the immutable ledger of the Ethereum blockchain. While speaking about the crypto currency, the company director, Rodrigo Silva, indicated that $Munch is a community focused project intent on fighting hunger and poverty.

“We’re biting back against traditional financial models and taking a bite out of poverty and hunger around the world at the same time. MUNCH gives people the opportunity to participate with a unique currency in an ever-expanding marketplace, earn rewards, and donate to causes they support. The community decides the direction and future of MUNCH.”

There has been an increase in the number of crypto currencies launched to support charity causes in recent months. What sets $Munch apart is that it is built on a sustainable tokenomics model that will ensure the donations maintain their value for the causes that receive them. Most small market cap coins are vulnerable to large single transactions that usually destabilize the value. The tokens collected for distribution are stored in a private wallet for conversion in a single transaction.

To avoid the sinking of the token value during the distribution transaction, all reported donations are assumed to be unrealized and theoretical until the value is converted into the resources and service charities. The donation amount is also automatically converted to Ether (ETH) at the transaction point and only stored in the contract address rather than the private wallet to ensure full value of the original transaction.

With a sea of meme coins to sift through, Munch is rising to the surface quickly as not another dog or meme token but as a serious contender. Generating over $750K in donations only 8 days after launching, Munch has already donated more than nearly any other token in this amount of time. This type of accomplishment can only be done with a ravenous and loyal fan base that is organically helping to spread the word about the good-hearted nature of the Munch token. With a bridge to the Binance smart chain being developed, and a marketing campaign and full layout roadmap being finalized, Munch is poised to take the charity/meme token world by storm!

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About Munch Token:
MUNCH TOKEN ($MUNCH) is a digital currency that replaces the ‘bite’ taken by traditional financial systems and distributes it to community-chosen causes and in rewards to its users. By collecting transaction fee from all Munch token transactions, rewards are distributed evenly between our community and an accredited charitable cause, decided by the community. On each transaction, the percentage distributed to charity is taken from the transaction and stored in the contract’s address, rather than a private wallet. Uniswap’s router’s functions convert the token to ETH and automatically send directly to the charity’s address.

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Munch Token
London, England
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