Structured Strategic Capital enhances Electronic Trading Platform for Australian clients

Structured Strategic Capital today announced the expansion of its Electronic Trading Platform for Australian clients adding to its comprehensive services.

Online PR News – 28-April-2021 – HONSEKICHO/TOKYO – Structured Strategic Capital’s Australian clients will now have a wide range of access to trading algorithms, including Structured Strategic Capital’s sophisticated portfolio trading algorithm.

Structured Strategic Capital’s Chief Technology Officer commented on the enhanced Trading Platform saying "As the Australian market becomes more fragmented and electronic, financial institutions require the necessary technology and services to find the best performing asset classes at the best price.”

Structured Strategic Capital’s Chief Technology Officer also added “Structured Strategic Capital is fully committed to servicing the Australian marketplace and we plan to continually enhance our industry-leading electronic trading platform to meet the needs of high-net worth individuals who want to put their eggs into different baskets.”

About Us - Structured Strategic Capital

Structured Strategic Capital has been dedicated to delivering a premium service to clients based upon the foundations of transparency, reliability and sustainability. Our relationship with clients and general stakeholders are of the utmost importance to us, and as such we operate to the highest industry standards and ethics.

Through our core business principles, Structured Strategic Capital looks to identify sustainable investments. With a focus on principled practices and our impact on the immediate and wider community in which we operate, Structured Strategic Capital incorporates environmental responsibility, industry standards and client satisfaction into our operational structure.

Founded in Tokyo, Structured Strategic Capital has developed a reputation for excellence and results, and has expanded to serve clients in 6 continents around the globe. Structured Strategic Capital have institutionalized our understanding of the mechanisms of regional and global markets, allowing us to offer solutions to clients through diversity and a comprehensive approach encompassing international opportunities.

With our principal focus on Asia, and East Asia in particular due to its rapid development and market opportunities, Structured Strategic Capital seeks to offer clients high-potential options with low risk levels. We identify investment targets through our exhaustive research and analysis methodology, which identifies potential options based upon their inherent qualities and market environment.