RepairDesk Hosts Webinar on 10 Common Mistakes Cell Phone Repair Shop Owners Make

The event was hosted on Thursday at 11:00 am U.S. Eastern Time with a number of industry professionals as they shared their experiences online.

Online PR News – 28-April-2021 – Ny,USA – The webinar was hosted by the RepairDesk Content Manager, Amara Zulfiqar, and featured a number of repair shop experts and business owners as panelists. Attending the event were Denis Gutsu of First Response Phone Repair, Alex Garvin Marini of Computer Repair Doctor Cleveland, Ahmed Abusharbain of UPPLuck, Israel Quintal of AdCentral, Tim Phelps of Techy by DrPhoneFix, and Usman Butt of RepairDesk. The webinar kicked off with the introduction of the panel, followed by a discussion on the 10 common mistakes, and concluded with a Q&A session.

Each of the panelists shared their knowledge on a wide variety of subjects all related to cell phone repair store growth, customer service, business strategy, operations, expense management, etc. Questions such as “How should a business owner treat their customers” and “How can a mentor help improve your business” and “What is the best way to assemble your staff” were answered by each of the panelists. Their previous experience had helped them encounter and overcome these particular situations, and so each of them had a number of facts to share on the topics at hand.

The audience also participated in the webinar with their questions. Many asked for recommendations on audiobooks and podcasts to listen to, and how to take the next step for their business when they seem stuck. The panelists were more than happy to answer these queries with their helpful suggestions and ideas. The event concluded on a successful note with many of the attendees walking away with valuable information to grow their business.

RepairDesk has also made a comprehensive e-book on the subject of the webinar which it shared with the attendees and with people on the internet at large. Those interested can find it on the RepairDesk Blog.

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