C Horton Investment to hold Asian Economic Conference in Tokyo

C Horton Investment of Tokyo today announced that they plan to hold an Asian Economic Conference at its Tokyo Headquarters in Minato-ku on Thursday 13th May.

Online PR News – 27-April-2021 – MINATO-KU/TOKYO – C Horton Investment’s Asian Economic Conference will commence at 4:00pm local time and will be attended by only a select few of long lasting clients and a limited amount of institutional heads due do the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the strict measures that are put in place with regards to social distancing.

C Horton Investment’s Chief Financial Officer commented on the upcoming Asian Economic Conference saying “The world is going through a very bad time with regards to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic and a lot of businesses are suffering. I am personally looking forward to hearing from our global client base on this matter in particular and also their views on all the current economic affairs happening in the world today.”

C Horton Investment’s Chief Financial Officer also added “There is so much to talk about and I feel that it is important to hold this conference to find out the long term implications on the Asian and global stock markets. From the outcome of this conference, we hope to find sustainable ways for businesses to survive and to determine what areas are safe to invest in and the areas where they may be risk.”

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