Reynard Capital announces joint venture plans in South Korea

Reynard Capital today announced that it is to establish a joint venture with a private wealth management firm in South Korea.

Online PR News – 24-April-2021 – CHUO-KU/TOKYO – Reynard Capital will now be able to offer a wide range of investment services to domestic mainland clients in South Korea and the new joint venture will be in partnership with a domestic private wealth management investment company.

Reynard Capital will be able to underwrite locally listed ‘A’ share transactions and Korean-Won denominated corporate bonds and convertible bonds, as well as offer domestic financial advisory and other services.

Reynard Capital’s Global Head of Investments commented on the announcement, saying "South Korea has been of great strategic importance to our firm over the last few years as its economy has grown significantly. With this new joint venture, we are entering into an exciting new chapter for Reynard Capital in South Korea. Together with our partners, we are looking forward to building one of the leading offshore investment firms in the Asia Pacific Region.”

About Us - Reynard Capital

Reynard Capital is a private equity group with an international presence and a long, successful history of investing in a range of companies, subsequently collaborating with management teams to improve performance and produce significant returns. Our unique, hands-on approach has seen us gain global prominence, with our reputation growing together with the firms in which we invest.

Based in Tokyo, Reynard Capital focuses on regional opportunities, identifying companies that demonstrate an ability to realize their potential, exist in a market environment conducive to growth and security, and which can deliver substantial yields. Through extensive research and diligent analysis, we aim to seek out value, looking for private equity options that meet our strenuous criteria for investment, protecting Reynard Capital and our clients from unnecessary risks.

Focusing on enhancing every aspect of a company, from human resources to internal frameworks, we look to improve productivity, efficiency and viability, working closely with management teams to develop long-term plans for growth and sustainability. We aim to identify value, with our main concentration on startups, emerging companies and early-stage firms, relying on our expertise to ensure the realization of potential.

Our team, consisting of knowledgeable experts in diverse areas such as business consultancy, financial advisory and legal counseling, we have every aspect covered, delivering essential resources to ensure success.