eStore Factory DeeStore Factory Declared 'Mind-Blowing Success' of 250% Flagship Amazon PPC Salesclared

eStore Factory took their website as a platform to declare their incredible success in achieving a 250% increase in Amazon PPC sales by reducing ACoS by 28%.

Online PR News – 23-April-2021 – Parsippany, New Jeresy – It’s a “mind-blowing success that was way beyond our expectations” as mentioned by Mr. Rickey Rosario, the expert Amazon Consultant and business head of the enterprise.

In the words of Ben Wadia, the champion Digital Marketing Head of eStore Factory, “our customers those who are trusting us for the best-in-business online marketing outsourcing services are witnessing the superior services that we not only promise but also do with proof.”

According to the stats of a recent outsourcing project shown by eStore Factory, the words Ben came out to be true. As claimed by the renowned digital marketing agency- the Amazon-based business that was experiencing a total sales of $2,523.74 from around 40 ordered items by investing $1,030.94 on PPC before outsourcing experienced a whopping rise of sales of $12,182.29 with ordered items of more than 140. The PPC sales are no less than $9,000 approximately and surprisingly the slashed ACoS cost of around 28% is praiseworthy.

What more was in store from eStore Factory?

Rickey addressed the online event by announcing their Amazon Sponsored ads strategy-building success by unveiling the data and case studies of multiple outsourced projects they have worked on. During the course of his speech, a few more facts regarding the Amazon SEO and PPC services and strategy-building concepts came out.

The brief speech of Meredith Kenny, the Business Head of eStore Factory revealed the consistency in the services they provide and they wear an “uncompromising attitude towards offering the best Amazon PPC campaigning services”. She also added, “from the Amazon account management to the marketing activities and most importantly the luxurious tools that we use to draw more targets are our finest Amazon PPC services and we boast on the excellent credibility of the team members.”

The online event presented by eStore Factory was an eye-opener for the Amazon 1P or 3P sellers seeking to increase their sales rate and increase the revenue generation according to Ben Wadia. The event was designed to create a significant impact on the Amazon sellers confronting serious stagnancy to lure more customers. From the optimistic yet pragmatic lines of Rickey Rosario- eStore Factory’s success is based on the comprehensive strategy for Amazon ads including the sponsored products, display, and brand. Besides creating a fresh product listing, they keep optimizing the existing listings to attract a more useful target audience to convert.

Meredith Kenny’s words focused more on the “high level of creativity” projected during the Amazon ads designing procedure that is a key to their PPC campaigning success.

The digital marketing agency also declared a few free webinars for Amazon sellers to acquire more understanding of the diverse benefits of Amazon PPC campaigns, Amazon SEO, and relevant services.