NanoMediTech to produce DNA sequencing modules for ultra-long fragments

NanoMediTech today announced that it will manufacture DNA sequencing modules for human DNA cell testing and single DNA fragments.

Online PR News – 23-April-2021 – DONGJAK-GU/SEOUL – NanoMediTech’s DNA sequencing modules will be able to analyze data lengths of up to 4.6MB and maximizes the quantity of ultra-long DNA fragments and segments.

NanoMediTech’s Chief Science Officer, Mr. Laurent Brunet commented on the DNA sequencing modules saying “Our new ultra-long DNA sequencing modules are designed to maximize the quantity of ultra-long DNA analysis to enable the continuous sequencing of single DNA fragments of up to 3MB externally and 4MB internally.”

“These highly sophisticated DNA sequencing modules have the ability to sequence complete ultra-long fragments of DNA with nanopore technology which provides more comprehensive biological data and the key features enable us to resolve gaps and mapping large segmental duplications,” added Laurent Brunet, Chief Science Officer of NanoMediTech.

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Based in Seoul, Republic of Korea, NanoMediTech is a research and development company developing nanotechnology based biomedical applications. The company is leveraging its proprietary nanotechnologies to develop radically improved medical tools and solutions for the treatment of debilitating diseases and improvement of medical practices.

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