Leading Provider of Halal Edutainment for Children Revamps its Platform for Ramadan

The Islamic media publisher, Miraj Studios, has launched a new Ramadan Specials category on its popular digital Library platform, Miraj Stories.

Online PR News – 23-April-2021 – London, United Kingdom – The Islamic media publisher, Miraj Studios, has launched a new Ramadan Specials category on its popular digital Library platform, Miraj Stories. Young Muslims can now enjoy read-along picture books such as 'My First Book About Ramadan' by Sara Khan, audio stories about challenges and joys of fasting, and a number of fun games.

‘The pandemic has increased the need for educational Islamic digital resources for kids,’ says the Miraj founder, Adiba Ataeva, ‘It’s important that Muslim children continue to learn and have fun during the holy month of Ramadan despite what’s going on in the world. That’s why the Miraj team have worked hard to give Muslim families access to a wealth of Ramadan related content for their kids no matter where they are in the world as long as they have an Internet connection.’

Miraj Stories is a unique Islamic Library app which breaks new ground by matching the high expectations of tech-savvy Muslim kids with the concerns of attentive parents. It is aimed at 4 to 9 year olds, and is available for iOS and android mobile devices.

Kids love colour, noise, and lots of action on their screens. Modern Muslim parents understand that. But they want their children's time online to be purposeful and beneficial. The Miraj Stories App is a win-win for these switched-on families.

"Muslim parents experience numerous negative effects on their kids from addictive secular games and online entertainment,” says Mrs. Ataeva, “As parents ourselves, we understand the challenge. Miraj Stories helps connect children with their faith in a safe, ad-free digital environment while having a fun learning experience."

What is in the App?

- Interactive books that put children at the heart of the action. Talking letters of the Arabic Alphabet, and quirky animals.

- Educational games and activities that entertain children while they learn about the names of God, and how to perform prayer and ablution.

- Series of animated stories with Halal content.

- Audio Books including stories from the Quran that are designed to improve comprehension and pronunciation.

- Islamic books about the Quran and Prophets that children can either read for themselves or read-along with an in-app narrator.

With one tap the Miraj Stories Library App opens a treasure trove of stories and activities to stimulate the creative instincts of growing Muslim minds. It’s not just a library, it’s a multi-dimensional library. Miraj stories are immersive in every sense - interactive and multi-media. With the flick of a child's finger he or she can change the weather or make a fish swim backwards.

Learning is not a passive process so, whatever the subject, active learning is built into the structure of every story in the Miraj Islamic Stories App. “We are playful and innovative when it comes to storytelling,” says Miraj co-founder, Abdul Mateen, “but we never compromise on the quality and trustworthiness. When bringing inspirational Prophets and Islamic action heroes to life we work with authentic historical and religious sources as well as advisors.” Children don't need to know that they're learning while having fun, but most parents already know that it's an incredibly effective technique - one reason why teachers use Miraj Stories App too!

Available on App Store and Google Play, just search for 'Miraj Stories'.

The Miraj Islamic Stories App is free to download on smartphones and tablets. Users can sign up for a free trial of all the App’s premium content and then subscribe to keep enjoying as many games and digital books as they like for £4.99 a month or £49.99 a year.

About Miraj Studios

A British mum and dad team, Miraj Studios has become a leading digital publisher with a unique and growing library. Starting with just audio books, the production house now provides high quality multi-media content as a subscription library, with video and interactive stories, educational games and activities.

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